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May 2 - 8, 1999
 Saturday, May 8

A week which began with Tech students in the sunshine (see 5/2 ) ends with the same scholars frolicking in the rain.  The big picture shows a wider view of the muddy action.

Yooper kids have been known to get wet

Good clean fun at MTU
Victorian Hall
Friday, May 7

Across the street from the Laurium Manor Inn stands Victorian Hall. Several family reunions will take place here over the summer.

Click the picture to see this magnificent old structure.

 Thursday, May 6

Here's another look at a current Michigan Tech project, the Rozsa Center for performing arts. The theatre is starting to take shape.

Last time we stood here was back before the winter carnival.

P.S.  By the time today's shot was published, the blue skies were replaced with rain clouds

Rozsa Performing Arts Center
Morning Drive
Wednesday, May 5

Our streak of sunny days may end soon, with thunderstorms in the forecast.  But this morning bright rays were still penetrating the deepest woods.

Lakeshore drive (M-26) near the spot where the deer crossed a couple of months ago

Tuesday, May 4

Have you ever walked under the Lift Bridge which links Houghton and Hancock?  That's where the Pasty Cam was snooping today.

See the old Power Station in the distance?  Here's a view from the other side.

Old Houghton Power Station
Lake Medora...
Monday, May 3

Seasonal residents once again are repopulating the Lake Medora shore.  Let's enjoy the twilight (and the absence of black flies) here on the dock.

Just visible in the right of the picture are the lake's two islands.

 Sunday, May 2

The word of the day is: Sunshine.  A few dozen MTU students enjoy it up on the roof.

A typical May scene on College Avenue in Houghton.  See more on the big picture.

College Life
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Laurium Manor Inn
Laurium Manor Inn

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