The Pasty Cam
April 25 - May 1, 1999
Saturday, May 1

As summer approaches why not take a stroll down the beach? Lower lake levels have made for lots of sandy shoreline this year.

This stretch of beach is near Calumet Waterworks park.

Waterworks park shoreline
A warm spring sunset...
Friday, April 30

Even though the calendar reads April, it feels like summer as a warm bright sun descends into the portage canal.

The black flies can't be far off.

 Thursday, April 29

The Circus makes its way to Houghton for a one day appearance. Come one, come all step inside and see the 
Big (Top) Picture.

Boy, I'm a long way away from the truck!

The Circus is in town...
Dino-doctor at MTU
Wednesday, April 28

A TV5 (Calumet) camera man interviews Dr. Robert T. Bakker, guest lecturer at MTU.  The big picture shows one of his T-Rex souvenirs.

"...and the next day this was hanging on my door handle!"

Tuesday, April 27

So many days without rain... On this clear, sunny Spring morning the Pasty Cam pauses for a close look at Upper Michigan beauty.

Not much longer till the black flies appear

Naturally the Keweenaw
Company Car?
Monday, April 26

Recognize that intersection over there?  You're in Marquette for some shopping and lunch.  But does this place serve our favorite food?  I don't think so...

...did somebody say "Pasties"??

 Sunday, April 25

Out for an afternoon drive, the Pasty Cam is delighted to find this rest area open between L'Anse and Marquette? 

...where Tioga Creek crosses US 41

Roadside Park
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