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April 18 - 24, 1999
Saturday, April 24

No, it's not a war zone... This week the old high school building in Houghton met the wrecker's ball, and today the final walls fell.  Notice the lift bridge in the distance.

On the big picture - from around in front - you can also see the Houghton County Courthouse.

Goodbye to old Houghton High
Bishop Baraga just above this view
Friday, April 23

Where in the U.P. can you find such a steep, high bank along US41?  The big picture reveals an observer looking down from above.

...also known as the Snowshoe Priest

Thursday, April 22

The Blue Heron is loading for a research trip out into the big lake.  Sunny skies... all the rain is staying south of us.

Spotted at the Michigan Tech dock.

The Blue Heron at Michigan Tech
Zamboni to go.......
Wednesday, April 21

After a full season smoothing Calumet Armory ice, the Zamboni is seen pondering vacation plans.

This happens to be the Baroni Zamboni

 Tuesday, April 20

What is this man doing?  During the winter the Keweenaw road crews put down stamp sand for traction.  And this brush-tractor removes it each spring.

a whole lot better than salt... The big picture reveals a full view of Cooper's cottage in Eagle River.

Sweeping the stamp-sand
US 41 at the Snow Thermometer
Monday, April 19

It has been a quiet season at the Snow Thermometer... someone remarked that we've never had a "big picture" of this spot... now we do.  And today we conclude our regular coverage for this winter.

 Sunday, April 18

This is the place where they make picnic tables and other rustic lawn furniture (from these rough cedar poles).

between Mohawk and Ahmeek, also known as "Patrick's"

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