The Pasty Cam
Week of April 19 - 25, 1998
Saturday 4/25
Opening the Gitche Gumee Beach House
Standing at the edge of the lake, this is the view looking east.  Walking up to the deck we look back just in time... see the sun sinking into Lake Superior.
smell the campfire -
hear the gentle lapping
of the waves on the shore...
Now...if I only had a pasty..
who could ask for anything more
(hmmm.. we would love to send you some)
Runner at Still Waters
Friday 4/24
Stop-action Pasty Cam!  Albin Liimita of Chassell enjoys the 70°+ temps this week with a jog around Still Waters, where he is currently a resident.
(from this building pasties are shipped thoughout North America)
Thursday 4/23
On the way in to class, the Pasty Cam stopped off at McLain State Park and found lots of Spring beauty.
(Too bad this feature only brings one picture a day. It could easily be a thousand)
Flower at McLain State Park
Elephants at Michigan Tech
Wednesday 4/22
Not often we see elephants in the U.P.  The wall behind the trailer is the SDC at MTU.
(Pasty Cam evidence, Tech seems like a real zoo sometimes)
Tuesday 4/21
High atop Phoenix ridge, Pasty Cam surveys the Cliffs in the distance.  Barely visible is US 41, a tiny line in the valley near the middle of the picture.
(doesn't the sky just seems bigger in the Keweenaw?)
Looking toward Cliff Mine
Crestview path
Monday 4/20
An actual snowmobile trail (along the Eagles Loop between Phoenix and Eagle Harbor).  On this day two years ago there were 3 feet of snow along this stretch.
(beginning to feel like southern California)
Sunday 4/19
Another sunny Spring Sunday in the U.P.  Wish you were here.
(the black flies haven't even started yet)
Downtown Houghton
...and if you missed the previous week
Week of April 12 - 18, 1998
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