The Pasty Cam
Week of April 12 - 18, 1998
Ernie's ancient service station
Saturday 4/18
Another one of those "look both ways" pictures, this time down in the Hubbell-Lake Linden area.
(Going north, mirror looking back toward Dollar Bay)
Friday 4/17
Those sure look like snow clouds this morning.  Cold and windy, too.
The Land Company building in Calumet, similar stone construction as yesterday's boat photo.
(built by some of the same masons?)
Land Company Offices
Stone Boat in Kearsarge/Wolverine
Thursday 4/16
Ahoy matee!  One of the oft requested landmarks for the Pasty Cam, on U.S. 41 north of Calumet.   Did you know there is another just like it near here?
(Can you tell us where? 
Answer: Centenial Heights )
Taxday 4/15
Now that da taxes are done, time to fire up my old mower, before da bugs come out, eh?
(a motor sport enthusiast near the Lift Bridge)
Yooper at work
Tech Parking Lot - SDC
Tuesday 4/14
Incredible!  Temps in the mid 70's this week, and the snow banks are still over your head in some spots.
(parking lot at Michigan Tech, clock inset, from yesterday afternoon... by the way, are your taxes done?)
Monday 4/13
Jack Foster, former Calumet Police Chief, well-known local historian caught by the Pasty Cam on Fifth Street.
(he's hosted several U.P. history videos, still speaks at historical functions, 89 years old)
Cousin Jack Foster
Sunrise over Crestview
Moonset over 5 Mile Point
Easter morning. 6:26 a.m.  Pasty Cam captures both directions.
Sunrise over Crestview.  Moonset over 5 Mile Point.
As an added bonus, last night's sunset:
Sunset at Eagle River
Happy Easter from your U.P. friends at Pasty Central.
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