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April 11 - 17, 1999
Sidelined Sno-Cats
Saturday, April 17

The groomers are silent now, though we had a dusting of snow this morning.  These are parked just off the trails behind the Phoenix Store.

back in January we showed you one in action

Friday, April 16

Sunshine continues (what happened to the snow forecast?) A lone yooper walks along the canal pointing out the chucks of ice which remain.

(The Big Picture reveals the rest of this Copper Country scene)

East of Houghton / West of Chassel
Eagle River Falls
Thursday, April 15
Happy Income Tax Day!
Eagle River Falls.
 Imagine this as a live web-cam...
Is this live?
...what a vivid imagination you have!
 Wednesday, April 14

Snow's all gone on US 41 up Quincy Hill.  We catch a glimpse of a landmark which has been requested by several viewers. 

Just beyond that car ahead is the turnout which looks down on the Portage Canal

King Midas Flour
Northwest end of the Portage Canal
Tuesday, April 13

Breaker wall where the Portage meets Lake Superior.  Waves form an icy glaze on these chilly mornings... There's even a rumor of some snow in the forecast for later in the week.

jump in and join the Polar Bear club

Monday, April 12

On the shady side of Cliff Drive there's still a big snowbank.  Some wag hung a dairy feed bag on this "snow stick"... after the deer had a feast.  They've really disappeared into the woods the past few days. The deer, not the wags

Drivers depend on these sticks to guide the snow plows.  Soon they'll all come down.

Retreating snow ... flying feed bag
Jacob's Falls
Sunday, April 11

Jacobs Falls between Eagle River and Eagle Harbor has been requested by several viewers.  This spot is right next door to the Jampot, operated by the Society of St. John Monastery.  Melting snow provides quite a rush today, but will slow to a trickle by the time black flies arrive.

This is a colorful spot in the fall.

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