The Pasty Cam
March 28 - April 3, 1999
 Saturday, April 3

April showers are with us this morning in the Copper Country.  Maybe they will wash away some of the dirty snowbanks.

(are the Christmas lights still up in Lake Linden?)

Spring rain in the Keweenaw
First ship at Houghton waterfront
Friday, April 2

In Houghton a Canadian Ice Breaker is spotted by the Pasty Cam, out for a late night stroll by the canal.

(notice the lift bridge in the background to the right of the ship)

 Thursday, April 1

The Cutter broke through the remaining ice in the Portage canal this week.  Meanwhile Hans the Hacker broke into translating  these pages into German.

(Here's what our viewers saw 
on April fool's day)

Looking toward MTU from Quincy Hill
Calumet Theatre (Da Yoopers Concert)
Wednesday, March 31

Two famous icons of the U.P. collide... The Calumet Theater and Da Yoopers.  The Keweenaw was recently invaded by these guys from Ishpeming.

(and they left with some of our raha)

 Tuesday, March 30

Tooling down Cliff Drive we find the Keweenaw road commission knocking down some banks which have been known to cause flooding.

(the Big Picture takes a closer look at this snow eating machine)

The road crew on Cliff Drive
By the shining Big-Sea-Water
Monday, March 29

Last Saturday we brought you scenes from Gitche Gumee in Eagle River... but down the road in Ontonagon, there is another.

(...and a trailer park near Marquette by the same name.)

 Sunday, March 28

Not many days like this left... heavy rain in the forecast.  The Pasty Cam guys went for a slushy snowmobile ride today on the Great North American trail.

(...but this shot was captured across the canal road near the Oskar Dome)

Up the Portage Canal
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Quincy Mine

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