The Pasty Cam
March 21 - 27, 1999
 Saturday, March 27

Mel Jones tells a civil war story to a group of mainly yooper guys at today's annual Spring retreat in Eagle River.

(the big picture takes us outside the 
Dining Hall)

Men's retreat, Gitche Gumee
Navigation beacon
Friday, March 26

The icy coating on this navigation tower should yield to the sunshine today.  Near the end of the Portage Canal...

(...a stone's throw from McLain State Park)

Thursday, March 25

They're baaack...  As the ice retreats from the Soo locks shipping returns to Superior.

(Each year more tonnage passes through this waterway than the Suez and Panama canals combined.)

Freighter on Lake Superior
Lake Bailey at night....
Wednesday, March 24

A midnight visit to Lake Bailey.  Even a half-moon reveals the lingering winter beauty. But black flies will swarm this spot in about 8 weeks.

(We are standing on the boat launch -- North end of the lake.)

 Tuesday, March 23

...and in sports news, last night the Center Ice girls of Calumet defeated Perkins Electronics of Houghton 4-1 to win the intercity title.  Their team portrait is today's big picture.

(this is where we spotted the Zamboni about a month ago)

Center Ice, winning girls team
A mobile home
Monday, March 22

Last week a house was spotted moving through the streets of Laurium.  Here's where it ended up - next to Laurium Manor Inn.

(Yooper version of the popular southern double-wide)

 Sunday, March 21

If the Pasty Cam had ears, this morning you'd hear a howling northwest wind, and pounding waves in the Lake behind us, as we drive up Garden City hill.

(Welcome to Spring... Is the four-wheel drive engaged?)

Up Garden City Hill
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