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December 27, 1998 - January 2, 1999
Saturday, January 2

Happy Birthday to Michigan Tech Alumnus John Smallwood, also a resident of Still Waters.  Big turnout for the party in the dining room, in spite of poor visibility in Calumet, a fresh round of lake effect snow.  The scene behind John is a mural, which is believed to be a picture of Lake Medora.

(of course, now the real lake is probably solid enough to snowmobile, though we wouldn't advise it)

John wears many hats
Fill 'er up!
Friday, January 1, 1999
Happy New Year!

We don't know whether these riders started early or if they just pulled an all-nighter.  Added meaning for the "Marathon" sign.

(at the Vansville Bar near the Cliffs)

 Thursday, December 31

By dawn's early light this Keweenaw County Road Commission driver refuels and refills with stamp sand to make his appointed rounds.

(actually he's already worked a full day)

Stamp sand truck
Keweenaw snowmobile trails
Wednesday, December 30

One lone snowmobiler gets an early start on this next-to-the-last day of 1998.  Trail conditions are very good...

(...and a little crowded in prime time)

 Tuesday, December 29

Even as the snow continues to fall in Calumet, Still Waters resident Ray St. Peter demonstrates his winter walking technique.

(Last spring Ray showed the Pasty Cam his bingo technique)

Cross country skiing
We love snow!
Monday, December 28

This couple from downstate (referred to as "trolls" in the U.P.) happened to be at the snow thermometer when the Pasty Cam crew stopped in this afternoon for an update.

(trolls:  people who live below the bridge, in contrast to "yoopers" who live above.)

Sunday, December 27
Moments ago this entry way was packed with high school fans, rushing to find a good seat to catch the hockey action.  The Huskies are downstate today in the Great Lakes Invitational, so area high schoolers descended on the SDC for their own holiday games.

(Michigan Tech adds to Copper Country culture in many wonderful ways)

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