The Pasty Cam
June 5 - 11, 2005
Saturday, June 11

Take a little Yooper, give him a cluster of colored balloons from a graduation party...

..and bet he'll find a way to get 'em home!
Balloon ride
Snap, crackle, POP!
Friday, June 10

Lightning zigzags its way to the ground, dividing the darkened skies over Ontonagon.

Thunder quickly follows such a bolt!
Thursday, June 9

Critters in the Upper Peninsula sometimes wear masks and beg for more than attention.

Be careful they donít bite the hand that feeds them!
Cunning coon
Shoreline shades
Wednesday, June 8

Lake Superior has an ever changing shoreline along with the changing of seasons.

Giving us a fresh new scene each time we take in the beauty.
Tuesday, June 7

New bridge spotted in the Keweenaw, connecting the cities of Hancock and Houghton.

Brightening the skies and lighting up the landscape.
Somewhere UNDER the rainbow
Dew drop in
Monday, June 6

Morning in the U.P. dawns with droplets of dew clinging wherever they can.

Even a single drip holds beauty within.
Sunday, June 5

Autos in the U.P... Clyde Elmblad takes us to Pelkie before the crash of '29.

...and J.R. Manninen cruises on to the 50's
Love that Edsel
Roaring 20's
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