The Pasty Cam
May 1 - 7, 2005
Saturday, May 7

Whittling, carving, sculpting... great pastimes that create works of art for all to enjoy.


Let's look at several Upper Michigan masterpieces.

Beacon of the night
Friday, May 6

A U.P. guiding light on the shores of the first National Lakeshore designated in 1966.

Seeing that ships don't become shipwrecks.
Thursday, May 5

Taking a break out west with a view including mountains, ridges and hordes of leafless trees...

We’re talking western Upper Peninsula here.
Room with a view
Wednesday, May 4

This prickly fellow gets up high to keep on eye on what’s UP in his neck of the woods.

Reporting that the trees are beginning to make progress towards leafing out!
Tuesday, May 3

Listening to the quiet Lake, picking rocks, jumping over logs, enjoying time together.

Complete with a rosy colored sunset.
Agate hunt
Silly rabbit
Monday, May 2

Even with the cooler spring we’ve been having UP North, the flowers are bursting through.

A bouquet to start this week before Mother’s Day.
Sunday, May 1

During the mining boom there were 82 bars in Calumet.  By the 1970's, there were only 18.

Michael Keranen sends a Shoebox Memory.
College Inn
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