The Pasty Cam
February 20 - 26, 2005
Saturday, February 26
To the tune of "On top of old Smokey"
On top of oleí Ripley, all covered with snow, lost my fear of skiing - -
Finding out how fast downhill I could go!
Ice water
Friday, February 25

On the icy shores of Lake Michigan, a favorite stop for travelers along US 2.

With an added view of a river too!
Thursday, February 24

Several U.P. residents who donít mind the cold and snow, and love a good handout.

Especially is itís laden with pure fat.
Dutch treat
Wednesday, February 23

Traveling across U.P. highways during the winter months can be quite the experience.

Sometimes blowing, sometimes snowing, icy patches too.
Tuesday, February 22

A spot in the Keweenaw, looking out through the framed entrance, gives a different perspective...

notes clues of where it could be.
Monday, February 21

A hike in the South Central U.P., down near the border, takes us through the bush trails...

...ending up with some scenic views
Sunday, February 20
Grainy situation
Winter of '43-'44... a snowy deck... sacks of barley... today's Shoebox Memory brings you the "rest of the story".
notes With our thanks to Gus,LL (Carl Kiilunen)

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