The Pasty Cam
February 13 - 19, 2005
Saturday, February 19

Winter - - a  much quieter time in the waters surrounding the marina and its dock.

No boat traffic today for the Coast Guard station.
Chunky harbor
Cursive walking
Friday, February 18

When someone’s birthday comes along and you’ve forgotten to buy them a card...

...let your feet do the writing!
Thursday, February 17

The Keweenaw has many spots to catch a view of surroundings from up above the terrain.

Giving you a great perspective of the land.
Wide expanse
Ice pedaling
Wednesday, February 16

A body of frozen water, nestled amid rugged rock cliffs that rise several hundred feet above.

Great spot for ice fishing or bike riding?!!
Tuesday, February 15

Farming in the U.P. is challenging , especially in the winter months.


For both the farmer and the livestock!

Monday, February 14
Happy Valentine's Day
Crystallized icicles of various depths, heights and colors, like diamonds in the rough.
Perfect for your Valentine!
from another Shoebox
Sunday, February 13

Variety of winter transportation considered in today's Shoebox Memory.

Fresh coffee
Fresh showfall
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