The Pasty Cam
August 8 - 14, 2004
Saturday, August 14

The U.P. weaves its web around unsuspecting visitor, capturing and holding them in its forces.

Then releases its prey to enjoy the abundant beauty!
Lily Pond
World wet web
What a rush!
Friday, August 13

After yesterday's muddy mess, we take a dip in the river to help clean up our act.

Well, maybe it's more than just a dip :o)
Thursday, August 12

Engines roaring, cheers abounding, mud flying high in the air... racing in Baraga begins.

And ends with the local car wash getting some extra business :o)
Dock of the bay
Wednesday, August 11

If you haven't toured the Copper Harbor Marina, by either vessel or automobile lately...

...then you're in for a surprise!
Tuesday, August 10

A couple Keweenaw critters - a little one with puffed-up cheeks and a heap of tenacity...

...the other only a bit larger and ready to pounce!
Monday, August 9

U.P. green as far as the eye can see... soaked by thunderstorms in the region overnight.

Watch your step or you'll sink in the mire!
Sunday, August 8

About a hundred years ago folks in Calumet got together to celebrate their heritage...

...and this week they'll do it again
Around the Maypoles
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