The Pasty Cam
April 13 - 19, 2003
Saturday, April 19

The Z-Man takes us over a new bridge at Bond Falls.  Wooden structure like Eagle River bridge.

Wonder if any fish in those waters?
New bridge at Bond Falls
Winter just won't quit
Friday, April 18

Sorry for the lingering, bleak winter conditions, when last week we promised Spring shots.

Take it up with the weatherman.
Thursday, April 17

Last night's full moon reveals the receding ice on Portage Canal.

Taka couldn't sleep again.

Photos by Taka Aoki
Tech in da Moonlight
Slip sliding away
Wednesday, April 16

Whoopsie - - who forgot to put back that manhole cover on the main drag in Lake Linden?.

Actually it's a sink hole.
Tuesday, April 15
Happy Tax Day
Kelly Wenberg rambled around the Keweenaw yesterday, glimpsing an early freighter.
Shipping season well under way.
First freighter sighting
Upper Falls
Monday, April 14

Introducing a promising new Pasty Camist, Sean Tabacsko at Michigan Tech...

...with a couple of current Copper Country views.
Sunday, April 13

On an April morning in 1912, the Copper Country received word of the Titantic disaster.

R.C. Wetton shares a photo of the newspaper with a followup report.
Evening Copper Journal
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