The Pasty Cam
March 31 - April 6, 2002
Saturday, April 6

The MTU Houghton Husky Women end the week at National's with outstanding team and personal performances...

...but their quest for the gold will have to wait for another year.
Giving 200%
Backyard deer
Friday, April 5

For those of us on the road in Alaska, our thoughts drift home to the Keweenaw.

Gone for just a few days, but we sure miss the upper-Upper Peninsula.
Thursday, April 4

Between hockey games in Alaska this week, the Pasty Cam scopes out local scenery.

Just like the U.P., except higher mountains, minus a Great Lake.
Yoopers live here, too.
Go Huskies!
Wednesday, April 3

MTU's Houghton Husky Women circle the wagons in Eagle River Alaska for the start of the 2002 National Finals.

Pasty Cam brings eyewitness report
Tuesday, April 2

Today's vertical panorama of the Tobacco River by Kelly Wenberg shows the runoff of the Keweenaw woods, reassurance that the snow won't be around forever...

...perhaps only until June.
The Cam keeps rollin'
Clowning around
Monday, April 1

In case you missed April Fool's Day, we recalled the antics of Han's the Hacker, and visited the Wayback Machine, a select archive including versions of this website back to 1996.

Hans in the lab at Michigan Tech

Sunday, March 31
In Memory
Raymond Pomroy
J. Joanne Kilpela
Robert L. McGrath
Marian Wick
Joseph Sayen
Elizabeth Bowes Lyon
Isabelle Monette
Paul Niemi
Vi Niemi
Joseph Belanger
Don Palo
Anne Pace Lee Spaeth
Keep looking up
Photo by Jeffrey A Meagher
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