The Pasty Cam
November 19 - 25, 2000
Saturday, November 25

Tonight the Copper Island Classic continues as Hancock invades the Calumet Copper Kings in the Armory.  Bulldogs jumped to a 3-2 lead yesterday in Houghton County arena. 

Center Ice and the MTU girls warmed up the rink with a match this afternoon.
Alex and Nick
Friday, November 24

As you learned in yesterday's Notes, the Pasty Cam was born along with Alex Voelker, about a thousand days ago.

...and now the millennium boy shows off his little brother.

...but who is the third reflection?

Thursday, November 23
Happy Thanksgiving
While others watch parades and football, Dan Urbanski just can't seem to stay away from Superior. How about some pancakes with your turkey?
Did you know the idea for the Pasty Cam was born 1,000 days ago today?  More in today's Cam Notes.
Pancake Ice
Superior Crafts
Wednesday, November 22

500 Feet Ahead: Rustic Indoor and Outdoor Furniture (& Copper Specialties). An old mining era building with a current use.

Between Ahmeek and Mohawk.
Tuesday, November 21

A number of requests this week to update and expand coverage of the Snow Thermometer on US-41. A very interesting icon in the heart of the Keweenaw.

We're only about 378 inches away from a new record.

For more U.P. weather coverage, stop by Snow Central

The original snow stick
Winter splashes into the region
Monday, November 20

An active volcano in the U.P. ...actually a waterspout spotted by Dan Urbanski on the edge of Lake Superior.

No doubt there's a whole chain of these babies on the northern shore this morning.
Sunday, November 19

One week ago the snow started falling... Tonight on US-41 it was extremely heavy on the drive from Calumet to Eagle River.

The road commision really needs to fire up the old snow thermometer
Phoenix Church
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