The Pasty Cam
August 6 - 12, 2000
Saturday, August 12

This week there was lot's of activity inside MTU's new Rozsa Center for the Performing Arts.  Dan Urbanski was there to give us a peek...

...this tour group is from the Midwest Association of Physical Plant Administrators
Inside the Rozsa Center
Folks from Agate Harbor
Friday, August 11

Those are the rocks of Esrey Park, and Pasty Central pasties on those plates.  More than a hundred Agate Harbor friends and relatives enjoyed a picture perfect day...

..organized by Julia and Ed Williams.
Thursday, August 10

Hear the crickets... feel the August heat... Our Eastern U.P. Pasty Camist Jon Jacobson leads us over the cross-ties...

...and you can see where this Upper Michigan town is at, in today's Cam Notes
The road less traveled
Yooper men at work
Wednesday, August 9

Through the window of a Jeep, on a back road in the Copper Country... actually, it's the main road to Traprock Valley, getting a little upgrade...

notes of the workers is identified in today's Cam Notes.
Tuesday, August 8

Doesn't look like a voting machine to me... Do you know where in the Keweenaw this one-armed bandit resides?

Find out... and share a memory of your own in a new feature we begin today:
Pasty Cam Notes
Hint: it's not Baraga
Seneca Lake
Monday, August 7

While the rest of the country is sweltering, chilly mornings in the Keweenaw make it feel like fall already.  Maybe not cool enough to see your own breath....

...but you can see the lake's.
Sunday, August 6

Keweenaw Historical Society hosted an open house at Eagle Harbor this afternoon, see some extra scenes...

Open house here today
Special thanks to Josh Stone for technical assistance.  Josh has a Keweenaw website of his own, with some other sights of the area.
Also today was the re-enactment at Fort Wilkins, up at Copper Harbor (previously seen on the Pasty Cam.)
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