The Pasty Cam
July 2 - 8, 2000
Saturday, July 8

Formerly an industrial wasteland, the White Pine Mine tailings pond has become a rookery for the herons.  Some busy birds.

The last active mine in the Copper Country, closed in 1995.

Bird condos
Deep wood delight
Friday, July 7

In the cool of the evening our wandering Pasty Cam happens upon Bond Falls, courtesy of Jon Jacobson, Picture Michigan

We welcome Jon to our growing ranks of Pasty Cam contributors

Thursday, July 6

Down and dirty, the Pasty Cam slows  to a crawl,  with a big picture which would make for some relaxing wallpaper, in case life is moving too fast for you... it is these days here at Pasty Central.

Take it easy
I Love Pasties
Wednesday, July 5

The webmaster's nephew Cody poses in his favorite T-shirt on top of Brockway Mountain.  You can see Lake Fanny Hooe in the distance...

...and beyond that, Superior

Tuesday, July 4

A different view of the fireworks show tonight at Copper Harbor.... a line of traffic which stretched halfway back to Calumet.

...and we were treated to a crescent moon over Lake Superior on the return trip.

No shortage of water here
Monday, July 3

Recent rains have swollen some of the streams here in the U.P.  The Iron River appears to be living up to its name...

...oh the irony.


Sunday, July 2
21st Annual Popeye Run
The Lothamer brothers joined 105 runners in Eagle Harbor for the big event.  Mike (left) won the 3rd place 5k medal, and Jeff would have won a medal, too...

...except for an un-scheduled *visit to the lighthouse museum :o)

*took a wrong turn

After the big race
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