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June 25 - July 1, 2000
Saturday, July 1

How did we end the month of June without any wedding pictures?? These men are watching for the arrival of Mrs. Joshua Eshbach at Glad Tidings in Hancock.

See more of the celebration at (Bethany's Wedding)

Captured by Jim Lowell, jr
Superior sunset by Dan Urbanski
Friday, June 30

Another month is history.  We will never forget these friends who passed on in June:

Tiny Pellegrini
Aaron Haataja
Tyyne Makinen

We welcome your memorial suggestions for our tribute on the last day of each month.

Thursday, June 29

This lovely specimen has the unlikely name of "Gas Plant".  You can actually strike a match over it and watch it burst into flame.

At Copper Country prices this could probably become a cash crop. (1.89/gal)

Daryl's backyard in Hancock
Photo by Constance Petersen
Wednesday, June 28

The early morning view across Portage Lake to a place known as Pilgrim Point.  Imagine enjoying this view each day from the comfort of your home...'s a family who does.

Tuesday, June 27

Unfortunate occurance this afternoon across the street from Pasty Central.  House at the corner of Mine and Elm was engulfed by flames, gone in minutes.

As far as we know, no one hurt.

House fire, Calumet Township
U.P. - Wisconsin connection
Monday, June 26

There are a few Packer-Backers in these parts (see a request over in Past-E-Mail).  Only a few weeks away from the start of another season.

Check out that neat Indian sign in today's big picture

Sunday, June 25

On the way to Caledonia Bluff - a site of prehistoric mining activity - Dan's exploration party treed this porcupine at the summit.

We've had some interesting Cam requests over in Past-E-Mail.

Prickly picture by Dan Urbanski
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