The Pasty Cam
June 18-24, 2000
Saturday, June 24

Men at work in the Keweenaw... new circle drive for Gitche Gumee, rumored soon to become the Eagle River Hilton :o)

Camping season officially began this week.

End of the road
On Portage Canal
Friday, June 23

Rare sighting of a freighter on the Portage Canal today.  Maybe the captain needed a fill-up, and prices would be higher by the time he reached Duluth :o(

The big picture reveals the identity of this vessel.

P.S. - Gas prices actually were lowered today in much of the U.P.

Thursday, June 22

A quick eye and a steady hand freezes an awesome moment over Lake Superior... This one is bound to find it's way to somebody's desktop...

...beginning with mine :o)

see more great scenes at Wilderness Diary

Display over Superior
Cottage up north
Wednesday, June 21

Welcome to the official first day of summer!  A rainbow briefly appears over the former home of a Keweenaw County resident for most of the last century...

Does anybody remember Zenda Fish?

Tuesday, June 20

With the threat of rain today in the Copper Country, let's go indoors... It's been a while since we visited The Hut in Kearsarge.

A favorite spot of your Pasty webmaster.

The Hut Inn
Monday, June 19

Capturing the intricate beauty surrounding us here in the U.P., Dan Urbanski directs our focus to a blossom by the rocks.

Don't slip on the moss. 

Sunday, June 18
Happy Father's Day
Across the valley and across the Bay, you can see the Huron Mountains to the right on the horizon.  The early haze gave way to heavier clouds and rain this morning.

Maybe blue skies and sun by the afternoon.

Keweenaw landscape
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