The Pasty Cam
June 11 - 17, 2000
Saturday, June 17

While Houghton had visitors for Bridgefest, a number of folks drove to Eagle River, for the graduation open house of your webmaster's daughter Becky...

...and the celebration of Miss Hopper's engagement to Bryan Howard.

have you ever seen Eagle River Falls?
The Old Bridge
Kaitlyn, Kaylee and Kelsey
Friday, June 16

One of the floats for tonight's Bridgefest parade in Hancock?  No, actually, these are early summer invaders to Donny and Ethyl Moyle's farm between Laurium and Lake Linden...

...a guest Pasty Cam shot by their mom, Patti Vickers.

Thursday, June 15

Besides red, white and blue this week, lots of green in the Keweenaw.  Get close as the lens of Dan Urbanski sniffs the underside of this friendly fern... that a smile we see?

Welcome to the deep woods
Happy Flag Day
Wednesday, June 14

John Dee transports us to Lake Linden Recreational Park on today's  Pasty Cam.  Between the showers the sun is brightening this Flag Day.

Check out John's weather site, then find out more about Lake Linden

Tuesday, June 13

The Marina at Lac LaBelle.  To the left is the Landing Restaurant, which closed last night for an indefinite period.  Stay tuned for details of its re-opening.

Photo by avid boater and accomplished Pasty Camist Jonathan Hopper

I must go down to the Sea again...
Feels like up north
Monday, June 12

A little shutter magic from Steve Brimm captures Manganeese Falls, which has picked up after the recent rain.

You'll find tons of natural beauty here in the Keweenaw.

Sunday, June 11

Pasty Cam on assignment at the sunrise end of the peninsula...  So many interesting sights - take a tour of Mackinaw Island...

....a collection by Cam regular, Daryl Laitila.

Grand Hotel
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