The Pasty Cam
June 4 - 10, 2000
 Saturday, June 10

A contingent of the talent which makes the Pine Mountain Music Festival so remarkable.  Four profs from the University of Miami in a session today...

...practicing at Yarbrough's in Hancock.

Practice makes perfect
Keweenaw beauty... up close
Friday, June 9

Notice how many Pasty Cam shots are from quite a distance?  This one is not.

The Big Picture would make nice wallpaper or screen saver.  Another great shot from Daryl Laitila.

 Thursday, June 8

Not just clouds we're seeing over the Keweenaw this week... a big fire on the Peninsula forced evacuation of several homes.
...but no homes lost, no injuries reported
Courtesy of

Courtesy of
Paddling the Big Puddle
Wednesday, June 7

Dan and Patty Urbanski paddle on a Lake so calm it lacks a horizon.  Good conditions to see some fish... several schools of something big observed.

Speaking of schools... have you checked out the new Class Reunion discussion on the Past-E-Mail page?.

Tuesday, June 6

Guest photo on today's Cam comes from John Dee of Snow Central fame.  Not much snow in Trap Rock Valley these days.

By the way, does anyone have a picture of the sign mentioned in yesterday's Pasty Cam?  We welcome guest pictures!

Peaceful stream
This old house...
Monday, June 5

Good time to catch up on some outside projects... Gentle breeze, clear blue skies... "The purest, most vitalizing air on earth" (as a post card once said).

...and do you remember the sign which used to advertise that slogan? email us if you do
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Sunday, June 4

Just had to pop back up to Montreal Falls on such a beautiful day. We hear that much of the US is sweltering in 80's and 90's....

...while it's a pleasant 60° in the Keweenaw.

Water clear and clean (and cold)
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