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May 21 - 27, 2000
Saturday, May 27

Weddings, weddings everywhere in the Keweenaw this weekend.  The Pasty Cam paparazzi grabbed this shot driving past the Phoenix Church this afternoon...

...and caught this scene looking back

 two big pictures for the price of one

By the time I get to Phoenix...
<click here> for the Big Picture
Friday, May 26

Nothin' but blue skies in the Copper Country today.  We have learned that the airport here will be re-named next week...

...stay tuned to the Pasty Cam for details

Thursday, May 25

Rose and her dog Chance paid a visit to the Elder's Home this afternoon.  Chance has his eye on the box of bisquits in Ina Norback's hand :o)

Visitors are always welcome at Still Waters, the home of Pasty Central.

A friendly visitor
Montreal Falls
Wednesday, May 24

To fulfill a Pasty Cam request, a *search party trekked to the mouth of Montreal Falls to bring back this view of a perfect day in the merry month of May.

*photo by Bryan Howard and Becky Hopper

Tuesday, May 23

How many firemen does it take to water a lawn? Seriously, it is a day of training for the Calumet and Laurium departments together.

A good view of some of the old mining buildings, too... a frequent Pasty Cam request.

Watering the lawn....
Water's edge, Great Sand Bay
Monday, May 22

Along Sand Dune Drive between Jacobs Falls and Eagle Harbor is a spot veteran Pasty Camist Jon Hopper frequents, known as Great Sand Bay.

Right next door to a Great Lake.

Sunday, May 21

A warm spring rain brings relief to Copper Country vegetation. The hill seen in the distance is a portion of the Phoenix Cliffs.

Located along that ridge was the Cliff Mine one of Michigan's earliest copper mines.

Rainy Sunday drive
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