The Pasty Cam
May 14-20, 2000
Saturday, May 20

Here Dan Urbanski spies some lady slippers which survived this weeks hard freeze. Unfortunately the black flies survived also.

These orchids are somewhat of a rarity in the Copper Country.

Where'd I leave my slippers?
Bustlin' Gateway to the Keweenaw
Friday, May 19

It's been a relatively quiet week in Houghton with most Tech students packing up and heading for points distant. Despite the temporarily shrinking population, bridge repair keeps the downtown traffic heavy.

The bridge work is progressing nicely...

Thursday, May 18

Somewhere in this cloud of spray is a dog named Cosmo, who accompanies Dan Urbanski in his adventures along the Superior shore.

The big picture expands on this refreshing scene.

Brrrrrr! Cold water...
This old barn at sunset
Wednesday, May 17

Pasty Cam regular Daryl Laitila catches a reflective moment in the still of the Keweenaw evening.  Listen closely and you can hear the frogs and crickets...

...or is that just your hard drive about to blow up?

Tuesday, May 16

Lot of interesting signs in the U.P.  This one spotted in Dollar Bay by the curious Pasty Cam.

...and there's another neat sign from another state in today's Past-E-Mail:

Related to the sons of K'nute??
Wagon train
Monday, May 15

Pleasant weather has returned to the Copper Country.  Again the pale white skin of all the Yooper kids will soon be tan...

...or a little red if they stay out too much too soon.

Sunday, May 14

Happy Mother's Day !
A sea of leafy green... quite a different scene than the one Pasty-Cam-Dan captured for us just 3 months ago in this spot.

What a difference a quarter makes.

Carp River Valley
Earlier this year
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