The Pasty Cam
May 7 - 13, 2000
Saturday, May 13

Yooper Cottage Design 101

  • Satellite Dish
  • Wishing Well
  • Roof Ice Edging
...and a chimney which suggests the use of wood, a plentiful resource in the region.
Typical U.P. dwelling
Makin' wood
Friday, May 12

Whole lotta loggin' goin' on in da U.P.  Bet these guys would like to have these piles down the road before the black flies get any thicker.

Those spots on the big picture were made by some other flying bugs ;0{

Thursday, May 11

There goes Dan Urbanski again, sneaking up on the wildlife.  This eagle family is at home on the shore of 
Lake Gogebic.

...actually, Dan says this was snapped from his car window :o)

Eagle's Nest
The tables are turned
Wednesday, May 10

Getting ready for the flocks of tourists which migrate to the Keweenaw in the summer.  They'll need a place to picnic.

...and to spend a bunch'a  RAHA

Tuesday, May 9

After a rainy day, blue skies return to the Copper Country.  At the Hancock city limits, another interesting local structure overlooks the canal.

...part of the community's Jewish heritage

Temple at Hancock
Pasty Camist visits Yellowstone
Monday, May 8

A few days off from his duties at Pasty Central, Jonathan Hopper emails a vacation shot back to the U.P.

A senior at Michigan Tech, Jon is also the systems administrator of PastyNET

Sunday, May 7

Cool enough for a sweat shirt, warm enough to wade - Two year old David Anderson
of Silver City...

...exploring the treasures of Lake Superior, another Dan Urbanski shot.

Skipping stones?
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