The Pasty Cam
April 30 - May 6, 2000
Saturday, May 6

Near the bottom of Keweenaw Bay...  In a few weeks this place will be invaded by downstaters...
Mighty Mac
...affectionately known as Trolls, because they live below the bridge.

Baraga State Park
Trilliums, by request
Friday, May 5

Your wish is our command.  Dan Urbanski read the Past-E-Mail request for some trilliums, and he promptly ran to the woods and came back with today's shot.

See more of Dan's handiwork at QuietlyWild.Com

Thursday, May 4

Somewhere along the back roads of Keweenaw County, the Pasty Cam examines a stretch where load limits have been in force...

...and the big picture shows more of the cracking.

Gay-Lac Labelle Road
Expansion in Eagle River
Wednesday, May 3

The Whoopee Teepee is this year's construction project at Gitche Gumee.  Volunteer workers are adding a craft building addition.

In memory of Myrna Olson

Tuesday, May 2

What a Great Lake! Pasty Cam had to sleep all night right here on the beach to catch this scene.  Quite chilly just before sunrise...

...but it was worth the wait :o)

Red sky at morning
Mother and daughter
Monday, May 1

The merry month of May begins with a big smile and a reminder that Mom's Day will be here in less than two weeks.

A visiting nurse at Still Waters... and her cheerful assistant...

Sunday, April 30

As we see signs of new life at this season, we remember loved ones no longer here:

In memory of:
Erma Erickson
Albert Holms
Eleanor Cassette
Waino Lepisto
Sarah's Buddy

In Memory
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