The Pasty Cam
April 23 - 29, 2000
Saturday, April 29

Yes, you can still find some lingering ice patches in these parts... but then, the Pasty Cam has seen snow stick around until June in previous years....

...but probably not this one.

Final good-bye to winter
Weather happens
Friday, April 28

Even on a gray and rainy day like this, the north woods invites you to explore its trails and experience the sights, sounds and smells of Spring in the Keweenaw.

...and then come back inside for a nice hot pasty :o).

Thursday, April 27

From yesterday's view at a distance of 23,000 miles, we close to within 5 inches of ground zero in the U.P.

Ye olde Pasty Cam really gets around!

April close-up, by Dan Urbanski
Zooming in from 23,000 miles
Wednesday, April 26

The beauty of the U.P. is especially breathtaking way up here, as the Pasty Cam hitches a ride with a satellite.

Thanks to Gary Kohs at Mendota Lighthouse, forwarding this shot... you can see Copper Harbor on top and Bete Gris on the south - the sandy stretch just to the right of Lac La Belle.

Tuesday, April 25

Near Alberta, down by L'Anse, there's a lovely spot in the woods where the leaves are just beginning to sprout...

...Let's come back to this same spot in a couple of months to see the difference.

Near Canyon Falls
What a Great Lake
Monday, April 24

The Pasty Cam never grows tired of walking the Superior shore and playing tag with the waves.  Wishing you were here...

Thanks again to Dan U. for a keen eye and quick lens.

Sunday, April 23
Happy Easter
On a day of Sonrise services... the beauty of creation is on display as always in a place called the Keweenaw Peninsula.

Each day this week it has been a pleasure to bring you a glimpse of that beauty.

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