The Pasty Cam
April 16 - 22, 2000
 Saturday, April 22

A big crew of MTU students pitched in to help Mel Jones at Gitche Gumee today, getting the campground in shape for the upcoming season.

Raking here around the "Hiawatha" dorm.

Work day at Gitche Gumee
Let's all go down to the river
Friday, April 21
Happy Good Friday
The Big Iron River, 1926, a baptism service found in the archives of the Trout Creek Museum.  The big picture shows the old Greenwood Lumber Camp.

Discovered recently by Dan Urbanski

Thursday, April 20

Looks like we finally get to put away the old scoop for another season.  This one has moved a lot of snow in Lake Linden over the years.

Warmer temps in the forcast again.

Time to hang up the scoop
Gratiot Lake sunset
Wednesday, April 19

A patient Pasty Cam waits for just the right moment this evening.  Wish we could also bring you the sounds and smells of Spring in the Keweenaw.

Hear those peepers?

Tuesday, April 18

The Carp River, as seen from the Lake of the Clouds Escarpment.  A slight hint of new leaves can be seen below, as the last of the snow disappears.

Dan Urbanski snapped this while searching for his mountain goat.

Don't get too close to the edge!
Jonathan Livingston Taxdodger
Monday, April 17

A lone sea gull inspects the shore on the western edge of the Keweenaw, looking for a place to hide from the tax man.  Still a little icy here.

Have you mailed your return?

Sunday, April 16

On the top end of the Mackinaw Bridge, you have to pay in order to see the sights advertised here...

Collecting toll from the trolls*.

*troll = one who lives below the bridge

Gateway to the UP
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