The Pasty Cam
April 9 - 15, 2000
Saturday, April 15

This afternoon, looking over the rooftops in sleepy Eagle River, and out across the Lake... we catch a glimpse of Spring traffic.

Notice the freezing drizzle on the sign... we hear it's a lot warmer downstate.

Do you see BOTH ships??
Melting shoreline
Friday, April 14

Still many pockets of ice alone the edge of Lake Superior.  This scene will always remind us of the melt down which occurred today in the financial markets.

Record losses, both Dow and NASDAQ.

Thursday, April 13

What is it about old barns?  If these walls could talk... the stories they would tell.  The Pasty Cam has had several requests to shoot some of these.

...and we aim to please.

This Old (cow) House
Bring us back some supper
Wednesday, April 12

The solitude of Lake Superior is captured again by Dan Urbanski, just before another U.P. day says goodnight.

The sun is setting much later now.

Tuesday, April 11

Notice still a little snow in the shadows, and it's not quite shirt sleve weather yet.  But it won't be long...

...and can the black flies be far behind?

Milk, bread, lettuce...
Springtime at the Mountain Lodge
Monday, April 10

Cam viewer's have requested some shots of the stone work in the Keweenaw, dating back to the days of WPA.

That ridge in the distance is Brockway Mountain Drive.

Sunday, April 9

Who's the big guy with the pick ax?  And how many years has he been standing guard over this landmark near Norway?

Some rhetorical Pasty Cam questions to start a new week :o)

Waiting for summer tourists
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