The Pasty Cam
April 2-8, 2000
Saturday, April 8

Beautiful day for a drive... how many triangles can you count in this picture?  And, by the way, where is it?

A Pasty Cam special for all of the Trolls :o)

P.S.  just kidding about the count


Down under
Frozen in time
Friday, April 7

Though much of Wednesday night's storm has melted away, a cold snap late today slowed down the run-off.

Just north of the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge.  More of the highway visible in the big picture.

Thursday, April 6

After such a nice day, last evening turned ugly.  A sleety, rainy, blowey kind of snow pelted much of the Copper Country.

Driving was hazardous along much of US-41

Kinda late, eh?
Big House...Not *the* Big House
Wednesday, April 5

One of the mining era's legacies is the rich collection of imposing structures built out of Jacobsville sandstone.

The "Old Main" at Suomi.

 Tuesday, April 4

The Pasty Cam goes back to a favorite spot to enjoy another season, another world.  Last fall you stood with us at this very spot. Compare.

The previous scene was a favorite of many, and was included in our 2000 calendar.

Return to Trap Rock Valley
Say Cheese!
Monday, April 3

The entire student body of Elm River Twp. School... see today's Past-E-Mail for a note from Principal Scott Lyon
Click the sign for another big picture
Photos by Dan Urbanski

Sunday, April 2

It's been a quiet week at Lake Medora... You can almost hear the rest of the ice melting.  And we're seeing some green grass today!

This big picture is one of your editor's favorite screen savers.

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