The Pasty Cam
March 26 - April 1, 2000
Saturday, April 1

Guys at the men's retreat in Eagle River saw the damage wrought by the wind this week at Camp.

Anyone who tuned into earlier today saw everything upside down

At Gitche Gumee
Copper Harbor
Friday, March 31

The sun sets on another month in the land of the shining-big-sea-water.
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Thursday, March 30

Though it is warmer today, the sugar frosting on the pines and cedars is still visible from snow showers earlier in the week. Walking through these woods... hearing nothing but the crunch of the snow... tasting the sweet aroma of early spring... feasting on so much beauty of the Keweenaw - is pure joy.

Pasty Cam says the obituary which appeared over on Mendota's Keweenaw Commentary today, is a little premature.

Morning fog, melting snow
Zoning meeting
Wednesday, March 29

The Keweenaw County Zoning board met last night at Gitche Gumee in Eagle River.  A standing room crowd saw them give a split decision, narrowly in favor of  a new ski resort at Mt. Bohemia.

The big picture shows some familiar words here in the Tabernacle 

Tuesday, March 28

What a difference a couple of days make!  Turns out, the winter we never had this year was only delayed.  Wonder if the groomers will be running again?

Come deeper into the woods with the big picture

Quiet Keweenaw woods
More Spring snow in the Keweenaw
Monday, March 27

Isn't this crazy weather?  Saturday was a blizzard, Sunday in the tropics, and today we're back in Alaska... Actually this is on Sixth Street in Calumet before it REALLY started snowing.

This is the Pasty Cam's primary vehicle, as driven by Camist Jon Hopper, who has now taken over 20,000 shots of the U.P. 

Sunday, March 26

Sunny and bright across the U.P., as yesterday's Spring snow storm quickly moved on.  Great day for a drive.

Several folks in the southern U.P. have asked if PastyNET dial-in will become available in Delta County.  If there is enough interest, perhaps it can be arranged.

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