The Pasty Cam
February 27 - March 4, 2000
 Saturday, March 4

Around sunset at the Mendota Lighthouse.  Look closely... you can almost see the light of the fourth order fresnel lens.

Today's big picture is even more realistic, with the flash occurring every 20 seconds.

Guarding the shore
Guarding the shore
The Big Game
Friday, March 3

Last night Houghton and Hancock met for their annual brawl at the MTU arena.  Hancock moves on to the big game with L'Anse tomorrow night.

Big Picture shows score at start of third period.  Final: 8-4

Thursday, March 2

Though some snow still lingers, warm days have made for forceful falls as illustrated by this creek near Lac La Belle.

Check out the Big Picture for some tired locals resting against a tree.

Park at Lac La Belle
Torch Lake Credit Union
Wednesday, March 1

A common scene these days in the Keweenaw, as global warming has hit the Copper Country.  A few more days and all of the snow will be gone.

On the corner in Lake Linden.

Tuesday, February 29

Another month at Pasty Central concludes with a tribute to friends we will always remember...
John Knodt
Olga Perander
Charles Shulz

...and today completes 2 full years of the Pasty Cam.

In Memory
Anyone for a swim?
Monday, February 28

The early arrival of Spring has caused the break-up of the Big Iron River well ahead of schedule.  Roving reporter Dan takes us right to the water's edge.

Quite a contrast to the sight he wired Pasty Central  yesterday (see below).
Got a great current U.P. photo you would like to share?  Attach it to an email (at least 660 x 440 resolution).

Sunday, February 27

Dale Venema of Mass City usually gives weekend mule-drawn sleigh rides this time of year (and does logging during the week).  The annual Snowburst Festival at the Porkies Ski Area...

...which turned out to be more of a snowmelt.

Please keep your hands and feet inside ......In the event of a water landing....
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