The Pasty Cam
February 20 - 26, 2000
Saturday, February 26

A heat wave has struck the Keweenaw, with record high temps today.  This week the Laurium Volunteer Fire Department and Calumet Township Fire & Rescue fought the heat at 425 Pewabic Street. one hurt, but it was a total loss.

Late night... Men at Work
Shaving the banks
Friday, February 25


A Sno-go at work
 Thursday, February 24

While I was growing up in Houghton I was never allowed to walk on the ice, so here is my proof that 30 years later I finally got up the nerve...

Susan Hooker - class of 67

Won't be able to do this much longer :o)

Out on the ice
Bond Falls
Wednesday, February 23

Spring thaw has arrived early in the U.P., with temps in the 50's this week.  See details of the weather at the current Golden Pasty Award winner's site...

...John Dee's Snow Central

Tuesday, February 22

At the base of yesterday's bluff, the roving Pasty Cam found these relics, Bolens "Hus-skis", sporting wooden cleats and driven like a lawnmower.  Notice the leopard skin seat on the Arctic Cat in the big picture.

Thanks again to Dan Urbanski for some neat shots from the field - Mon, Tue & Wed.

Vintage snowmobiles
Cliff or Bluff?
Monday, February 21

Looks like Cliff Drive between Ahmeek and Phoenix, right?  Wrong... it's historic Norwich Bluff in the Ottawa National Forest, 15 miles south of Ontonagon...

...There was a mine and a town up on top back in the 1850's.

Sunday, February 20

This red sandstone house in Laurium was first spotted by the Pasty Cam in October'98? and has been requested several times since.  More detail on the big picture.

One of those mining era mansions.

Quiet Sunday morning
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