The Pasty Cam
February 13 - 19, 2000
Saturday, February 19

An interesting old building near the old Portage View hospital, down at the waterfront.  That's a mighty big fish, even for Lake Superior.

By the way, "Portage Health Systems" has relocated up on top of the hill above Hancock.

The one that got away
Winter construction
Friday, February 18

What is this man doing?  That's Ranger Jim Gallie, Porkupine Mountains, testing a new high-tech method for building igloos.  Yoopers make do with what's available - incl. lots of snow...

...assisted by the camera man's dog Cosmo, who really dig's in!  Our thanks again this week to the quick eye of Dan Urbanski.

 Thursday, February 17

Ontonagon, on the Lake Superior shore, is just north and west of scenes we've enjoyed the last couple of days.
Snail mail in the U.P.
Near the village of Rockland
Wednesday, February 16

Before we leave the Rockland area (near yesterday's shot), take a look at this runoff next to the U.P. Power dam.

...both views emailed to Pasty Central by our Silver City observer, Dan U.

Tuesday, February 15

Midway through February and things are quiet at the restored mining village of Victoria. Hardly a track in the snow...

...of which we received a few inches today.

A glimpse of the past
Be Mine
Monday, February 14
Happy Valentine's Day
Occasional Pasty Camster Dolly Johnson catches a smile from King Don (Ross) and Queen Elizabeth (Fichtel) enjoying this year's party at Still Waters in Calumet.

As the big picture reveals, we haven't had this much fun since Winter Carnival.

Sunday, February 13

We begin a new week with some new snow (what are the odds?!) and this pop quiz: Near which Keweenaw village is the Pasty Cam standing to get this shot?

Several dozen viewers answered correctly:  Gay (a frequent stop for snowmobilers).

Keweenaw County road signs
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