The Pasty Cam
February 6 - 12, 2000
Saturday, February 12

This week has been a study in the winter sky in the U.P.  A mix of sun and clouds... a little new snow... seven days closer to black flies and summer tourists.

Wah, does that seem a long ways off!

Keweenaw Sunset
Crystal mountains at Copper Harbor
Friday, February 11

Several requests for a wintery screen saver.  Here are two from the roving eye of the Pasty Cam. spotted by Dan U. on a trip to Copper Harbor: Mounds and Ice.

Thursday, February 10

Compare the winter version of US 41 with the scene two summers ago near Phoenix Church

Oh, deer.
Wednesday, February 9

In the roadside park below Gitche Gumee, this family from Illinois stops to chat with a local resident.  The native at the far left seems quite interested...

...but doesn't have much to say.

Tuesday, February 8

Sunny today in the Keweenaw.   Continuing progress on the new arts building at Tech.  And by request, here's a collection of shots from the Winter Carnival.
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MTU Construction
Shoot us please!
Monday, February 7

An expedition to the top of the world.  Pasty Camster Dan U. is kept busy up here shooting people with their own camera., this isn't Brockway, it's the trail near Lake of the Clouds.

Sunday, February 6

Winter Carnival was capped off last night with fireworks over the Portage Canal, as seen here from the top of Mount Ripley...

...and here's a bonus big picture of the Torchlight Parade.

Winter celebration
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