The Pasty Cam
January 23 - 29, 2000
Saturday, January 29

High pressure brings sunshine to the region, and our Western U.P. P-Cam correspondent sends this current view at Lake of the Clouds (minus clouds).

Dan Urbanski has become one of our regular 'Camsters' here at Pasty Central.  Do you know anyone in the Central, Eastern, or Southern U.P. who could also join us?

Lake of the Clouds
Friday, January 28

Some of the fraternities do battle on the broom hockey rink at Tech.  Many of these guys are taking a break from their snow-statue work...

Which you can see live at MTU this year.

 Thursday, January 27
A recent request:
How about a picture of the water from US41 between Chassell and Houghton. I used to see that scene everyday when I attended Tech while living at home on the South end of Otter Lake.  It's nice to see all the pictures. 
 Paul "Tater" Leinonen 
(A Yooper turning Troll)

Down on the water, looking toward Ripley

Quiet Portage...
Neither snow, nor snow, nor snow....
Wednesday, January 26

Finally we got some serious snow here in the Copper Country, just in time for Winter Carnival next week.

The mail goes through in Lake Linden.

 Tuesday, January 25

As part of the Heikinpäivä festivities, these brave (?) souls demonstrate their Sisu in the murky depths of the Portage Canal.  From Hancock, a most incredible big picture.


That's gotta' hurt !!
Blaney Cottages
Monday, January 24

On your way from the Mackinaw Bridge to the Copper Country, here's a familiar sight along US-2.

...on the turn-off to Germfask and the 
"Seney Stretch"

South side
Sunday, January 23

Many U.P. churches have been requested on the Pasty Cam... today's stop is Sacred Heart in L'Anse.  Due to some delays, today's photos just squeaked in before midnight...

...This feature has completed almost two years without missing a single day.

North side
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