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Old Family Photographs

Please be patient as these photos load in. It will take a few minutes.



Aunt Alice and Uncle Doug Rosebrook
Doug's dob: 01-26-14, dod: 05-86

Alice and Doug Rosebrook

Alice and Doug Rosebrook in 1962

Merva Barbara Dolsen Hennings (my Dad's Mom), 1948
dob: 04-29-1887, dod: 02-14-1949

Abraham James Hennings (my Dad's Dad), 1948
dob: 07-19-1885, dod: 12-25-64

A.J. Hennings' home, 2425 Lincoln Street, Evanston, Illinois. Built in 1932.

Merva and the boys, Ralph (left) and Jim
Ralph dob: 02-21-14, dod: 12-23-92

Left to Right, Ralph, Abraham James, James Abraham, Margie, Merva Hennings
James dob: 06-03-12, dod: 02-23-63
Margie dob: 08-11-22

Ralph Waldo Hennings (without glasses)

Ralph Waldo Hennings (with glasses)

Ralph (right side with hat) in school play

Top Row, Uncle Walt Schafer, Uncle Bob Hennings
Middle Row, Aunt Fritz, Grandpa Hennings, Dierdre (Bob's daughter) and Carrie (my step-grandmother)
Bottom Row, Robert and Joe (Bob's sons, my cousins)
Robert Edward Hennings (Uncle Bob) dob: 08-04-25
Nancy Harriet Wensley Hennings (Aunt Nan) dob: 09-12-26
Dierdre Hennings (cousin) dob: 09-06-51
Robert Edward Hennings (cousin) dob: 08-14-54
Joseph Turner Hennings (cousin) dob: 10-28-56

Mother's grandmother, she is 91 in this picture. She died when she was 92.

Alta Coates Bartholomew standing against tree -- wearing no hat. Frank Carl Bartholomew was the photographer. (Grandma Bonnie Bee Knutz's maiden name was Bartholomew)

William and Bonnie Bee Knutz's home, 2305 Pioneer Road, Evanston, Illinois. circa 1924.

A young Bonnie Bee Bartholomew (later Knutz)
dob: 12-08-1889, dod: 01-01-78

William Knutz as a young man

Will Knutz (2nd from left) in high school play in 1907

Will Knutz college graduation in 1912

Left to Right: Jay Knutz, Fred Knutz, Will Knutz, taken June 12, 1932
Dates of Birth:
Jay dob: 05-04-1895
Fred dob: 11-09-1856
William dob: 03-31-1889, dod: 06-23-56

Will Knutz on right

Will Knutz in 1945

Will Knutz in 1946

Will Knutz in 1950

Will Knutz smiling

Will Knutz on right, downright laughing!

Will Knutz

Bonnie Bee & Will Knutz December 1947 in San Juan Capistrano

Will and Bee Knutz

Bonnie Bee Knutz

Eastern Star. Bonnie Bee Knutz on far right

Taken in Pearl & Lige Johnson's yard in Newcastle
Ercel Johnson (side view), Alice Knutz, Esther Knutz
Esther Mildred Knutz dob: 04-22-15

Esther Knutz on Lake Michigan in 1932

Another view of Esther Knutz on Lake Michigan in 1932

Newspaper clipping about Esther Knutz

Esther Knutz at graduation with Bonnie Bee and Will Knutz

Shot of group at Lockheed Aircraft in 1945. Esther Hennings worked as a Technical Statistician, and their group developed designs for airplanes.

(Now was my mom gorgeous or what??)


Midge (now known as Marji Holt) as a cute kid

Now how does that song go?
Oh, she must have been a beautiful baby...

Midge in her jammies
Marguerite Ellen Hennings dob: 02-05-41

Midge with a bead necklace

Midge and Esther
This photo was used on the family Christmas card

Midge and her dolly, January 14, 1945

Midge in dress that Mother made for her

Midge in dress that Mother crocheted, June 1948


Midge on a pony

Barbie & Midge in 1949
Barbara Bee Hennings dob: 05-28-47

Merva Kay Hennings at 16 days old
dob: 10-13-50

Mom and Kay

Mom, Kay & Barbie

Kay in 1963 at Hawthorne Christian School

Marji with dear family friend, Gertrude Harvey

Barb's silly shots, taken at El Camino College in the late 1960s.

Another of Barb's silly shots

And yet another

Chancel Choir at St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church in 1957. Ralph & Esther Hennings are in there somewhere.

St. Andrew's Choir (Dad in upper right corner)

St. Andrew's Choir (Mel & Dorothy Tully in center front, Mom and Dad also in there somewhere)

This is the sight that greeted Dad when he started his job at a Texas oil refinery

Another shot, as it's burning and melting.

It's still burning!



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Should we be celebrating halloween?