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Joanne Lowe's Writings

God has given Joanne two ministries.
One is Inspirational Writings and the other is Encouraging Pastors.
With the power of the Holy Spirit, she does a wonderful job of both!

Many pastors have asked me why I feel led to encourage pastors. The Bible says in 1 Thessalonians 5:12,13 King James Bible:

"And we beseech you, brethren, to know them which labour among you, and are over you in the Lord, and admonish you; And to esteem them very highly in love for their work's sake. And be at peace among yourselves."

Several years ago when I lived in Oklahoma, my Pastor's wife was my closest friend and we always sat together in church. One Sunday when the invitation was given to accept Jesus as your Personal Savior, she walked down the aisle to the front of the church where my Pastor, her husband, was standing. He was so overwhelmed! He took his wife's hand and wept.

She gave a testimony and said, "I have been teaching Sunday School for many years and singing in the Choir, but I have never had a personal relationship with Jesus. I have never experienced the Joy that only Jesus can give in the midst of heartache."

Instead of that church rejoicing with them, they held an emergency meeting and voted to ask the Pastor to leave. I have never forgotten that and I know that one day every member of that church who had a part in that decision will stand face to face with God and give an account for that decision that so devastated my Pastor and his wife.

My friend told me when we were alone after the service as she was brokenhearted and weeping, "Pastors and their spouses need encouragement."

Joyce Landorf says on one of her teaching tapes, "I was waiting at an airport with a lady and she pointed to herself and said, "Pastors and their wives need encouragement."

The Bible says that death and life are in the power of the tongue. We have a choice to make in our lives. We can choose to encourage or we can choose to discourage. If we say hurtful, discouraging words to one another, we might as well put a gun to their head and shoot them. It has the same effect.

The Bible also says, "Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these, My brethren, ye have done it unto Me". We need to remember this verse the next time that we are tempted to say something that will discourage someone.

Are you an encourager? Do you try to find ways to say things to bring peace and happiness into someone's life? The best way and also the only way to encourage someone is to tell them that Jesus Loves them and then prove it to them by your actions.

by Joanne Lowe
February 26, 2005


My computer stopped working right and no matter what I did to fix it nothing worked. My brother-in-law who is a computer expert advised me to format my computer and it would be just like sending it to the factory to be fixed.

Many times we try to format our hearts by being nice to others and by doing good deeds. That is just like trying to fix a computer that is broke, it will not work. Our feeble efforts to love someone in our own strength has never worked and will never work. It is only as others see and feel the Love of Jesus in us that they will know that Jesus does love them.

Have you been trying to be nicer to your family and friends? Do you get frustrated because it seems no matter what you do to be kind to others it is not appreciated? We need to go to Jesus and ask Him to take His Broom of Mercy and Grace and sweep out all the bitterness and resentment in our hearts toward other people.

We are not capable of loving others as Jesus wants us to love others in our own strength. It takes Jesus planting His Love in our hearts to format our hearts to minister to people. I urge you to ask Jesus to format your heart with His Compassion and Mercy so that you can effectively love others.

by Joanne Lowe
February 24, 2005


Many times I have asked God this question. Who am I that You should love me? Every time He says I am His child and I am precious to Him. When I finally realized who Jesus is and what a Great Friend He is, my life changed.

Our hearts are barren and empty of love for others until Jesus puts His Love in our hearts. All of us are born with a selfish nature, which carries over when we grow up. It is only by allowing Jesus to work through our hearts and lives that we can love others and be effective as He wants us to be for Him.

How about your heart today, is it filled with the Love of Jesus? Are others seeing the Joy of Jesus on your face? When you talk, do others hear the Compassion and Love of Jesus in what you say?

So many people are hurting inside and they desperately need this Joy and Love of Jesus. I urge you to let Jesus fill your heart with His Love and Joy so that you can be a vessel fit for the Master's use.

by Joanne Lowe
January 28, 2005


As we look at the decorations on the Christmas Tree, we are filled with a sense of beauty and peace. Without the decorations on the tree it would look bare and not as pretty.

What about our hearts? Are they decorated with the Love of Jesus? When others look at us, do they see the Love of Jesus shining from our hearts?

My Mother told me that she always knew when I was happy, that my eyes would sparkle. Are our hearts sparkling with Love, Joy, Peace, and Happiness?

There are many countless people who are lonely and discouraged and they need encouragement. We can not encourage anyone if we do not have the Love of Jesus shining brightly in our hearts.

There is a song I used to sing in Sunday School that said, "This little light of mine, I'm going to let it shine". Let me encourage you to let others see your light shining brightly so that they may not only be encouraged but also be filled with warmth and comfort.

by Joanne Lowe
December 18, 2004


For those of us who have pets, we know that they are loyal to us and give us these looks that make our heart tender. They are a joy to us and give us companionship.

There is One who gives us looks of Love, Peace, Joy, Happiness, and Faithfulness. Jesus gives us these looks through other people. He has not been here for over two thousand years. He has left us to spread His looks of Love.

When others look at you, what do they see? Do they see a grouchy person with a bad attitude who dares others to smile at them? Jesus wants us to smile with Joy and Love at others.

I have a parakeet that is a gift from God, who fills me with joy every day and brings me happiness. Sometimes however, I get irritable if I am not feeling good and take it out on her.

God never gets irritable with us. He never takes anything out on us. He remains Faithful and Loyal no matter how we treat Him. Let's start giving others a look of Love that will warm and encourage them.

by Joanne Lowe
December 21, 2004


When we see something that is funny, we look at our family and friends to see if they are sharing the laughter with us. Sometimes when the pastor says something funny in his sermon we look at one another and smile.

I think that God and Jesus look at one another and smile when we do something that pleases Them. What kind of look are They giving each other concerning you? Is it a look of happiness or a look of sorrow?

Are you doing and saying things to bring happiness to the Heart of Jesus? Jesus has done so much for us and asks so little of us. He gave His very Life for us. His commandments are not that difficult to keep if we truly love Him as He wants us to love Him.

How about the things you are watching on television and the places you go and the friends that you have? Is your life bringing a smile to Jesus' Face, or is it bringing tears? If you could see Jesus in the flesh sitting right by you, would you continue to do the things that you are doing?

I urge you to search your heart and make room for Jesus. He has suffered enough, let's not hurt Him any more. I know from personal experience if you will put Jesus first in every area of your life, you will be happy even in the midst of trials and heartache.

by Joanne Lowe
March 5, 2005


A lot of us have had garage sales or we have gone to them. Many things in garage sales are broken and look terrible. We go through our closets and the rest of our home cleaning out things that we don't want or use.

One day God had a Garage Sale. However, it wasn't a Garage Sale, it was a Love Sale. It also was not because He didn't want or use what He sold, it was to show His Love to us.

God's Love is free. There is nothing that we can do to deserve His Love. You might wonder about this title, "GOD'S LOVE SALE." His Love is free to us but it cost Him everything. It is impossible for us to comprehend with our human minds how much God Loves us.

One day, God cleaned out His Heart and gave His Beloved Son for us. My heart has broken many times over the agony that God must have experienced. Not only was He giving His Son to die a cruel death, He was sending Him on a Mission and He was going to miss His Son.

I wonder what would happen and how many hearts and lives would be changed if one day we had a love sale that was free to others but cost us. Let's open our hearts and give of our time and talents.

by Joanne Lowe
January 28, 2005


A pastor once said in a sermon, "There was a man who wrote the entire Bible word for word by memory without making one mistake. However, that same man went home and beat his wife."

We are to read our Bible. God said that we should but He also said not to hurt people. What good is it and what does it mean to us if we don't employ the knowledge and instruction we receive from God?

Did you know that the Bible is God's Love Letter to us? He tells us over and over again how much He loves us and how precious we are to Him.

It is no wonder at all that people do not want to go to church when they see the ones who profess to be Christians not acting like it. God said that He wants us to be either cold or hot and not lukewarm.

When you read a map it is useless unless you follow the directions, it is the same with the Word of God. The Bible was written to direct, inspire, encourage, and comfort us.

The Bible gives us all the ingredients necessary for life but it is like making a cake, if you leave one of the ingredients out it will not taste right.

Many years ago back in Texas I was going door to door on visitation from church and I will never forget what this one lady said to me. I asked her, "If you knew that God was telling you to sell your home and give all the proceeds to the poor, would you do it"? She did not hesitate. She said, "Absolutely not! I have worked hard for this home for many years and everything in it is mine that I bought with my own money."

I didn't say anything to that lady but later at home my heart broke when I realized that God gave the very Best He could give us, His Own Beloved Son, Jesus.

I have thought many times about how Jesus willingly left His Father and all the Beauty and Peace of Heaven and came to earth knowing that He would be treated worse than any individual would ever be treated. What Amazing Love!

Let's stop just reading the Bible, let's start living the Bible so that others will want the Peace and Joy that only Jesus can give a person.

by Joanne Lowe
December 21, 2004


One day, God is going to have the biggest party the world has ever known. One day, Jesus is going to be rewarded for all He suffered for us.

The world could care less about Jesus, much less make time for Him. The world is so busy with schedules, television, and sports that they push Jesus into a corner if they think about Him at all.

There is nothing wrong with watching television provided you would watch the same programs if Jesus was sitting next to you. There is nothing wrong with going to basketball, football, baseball games and other activities if you include Jesus.

I used to be just as guilty. I would sit by the hour and watch basketball games on television without once opening my Bible or praying. Prayer is just talking to God about our lives.

I used to think I had to pray at least an hour a day until I heard a Pastor friend of mine say in a sermon, "God is not impressed with a long, eloquent prayer. He is touched by the condition of our hearts."

Are you telling the world that Jesus Loves them? Are you telling the world that you love Jesus? Are you kneeling in prayer? If so, are you kneeling in your heart? If you are only kneeling physically and not in your heart, then it is in vain.

Are you bragging on Jesus? If not, you are missing out on a lot of fun and excitement. There is Joy in serving Jesus. Start telling others of the Love of Jesus and then prove Jesus Loves them by your actions. It will make the Heart of Jesus happy.

"For it is written, As I live, saith the Lord, every knee shall bow to me, and every tongue confess to God." ~ Romans 14:11, King James Version

by Joanne Lowe
March 21, 2005

Joanne would count it an honor if you would visit her website and sign her guestbook.

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