Now in our eighth year of Pasty delivery on the Internet
This is a project of Still Waters Community Elders Home in Calumet, Michigan. We are an assisted-living community located in the heart of the Keweenaw Peninsula - the home of Michigan's copper mining boom in the 1800's. 

We have a special link to those bygone days. Many of our elderly residents were children of copper miners - Cornish, Finnish, German and other descent - and some of our folks toiled in the mines themselves. For us, a pasty is much more than just a delicious meat and vegetable pie. Come on an adventure back in time to the sweat and tears of a 12 hour day...down below the shaft-house where the walls are always damp and the sun never shines. Pounding chisels with hammers, loading the bucket with copper and rock, here in the bowels of the earth. When you are almost overwhelmed by hunger and fatigue, what a comfort and delight to sit down and open your dinner pail. Inhale the aroma of warm crust wrapped around beef, rutabaga and potatoes. Savor the taste of a complete meal prepared by loving hands. Who needs dessert after such a satisfying treat? 

For many years our Home has carried on the culinary tradition of those mining days. Our residents (average age=84) help peel and prepare the veggies. Our cooks apply their years of experience to hand-make each pasty into a masterpiece. To prepare for shipment anywhere in the U.S., the pasties are deep frozen and carefully placed in insulated, stay-fresh packaging. 

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