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"Sunset on the Portage"
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Joe Kirkish (professor emeritus from Michigan Technological University) was first published at age 13 in POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY magazine. Since then, his love for photography has brought him international fame, with publications in numerous other photo magazines from US CAMERA to MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY, newspapers, photo annuals and trade journals; and with exposure in art galleries from Boston to the University of Tokyo, Japan. The recipient of awards from national contests, he thrives on two oddly diverse sides of his personality: photographing "pretty things" in his life-long pursuit of beauty in his native Copper Country and in a series of artistic explorations that push the photographic experience beyond normal expectations.
If there is one characteristic in Professor Kirkish's work, it exists in what he calls layers of meaning in that 2-dimensional picture. "I'm a visual person," he says, "and I can find something of interest to photograph in the most mundane objects. Nothing escapes my camera, from a dew-laden rose to scrap metal in a junk yard; however, in even the most obvious photograph of a flower, there must be something hidden, something that will prevent the picture from losing its impact, something that makes it "wear well" and even grow in it appreciation, be it in the lighting, the angle or any other photographic choice possible. "It's that combination of photographic decisions that can turn a mundane shot into something of durability," he believes. And over half a century of experience, both in shooting and teaching, his decisions now please purchasers at art shows and critics at galleries alike.

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