Aug 06-02

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Photos by Keith Knighton
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Photos by Keith Knighton

Charlie at Pasty Central on Tuesday, August 6, 2002 - 06:55 am:

MTU grad/GM engineer Keith Knighton tells us he visits every day to see the view he hopes to enjoy when he retires. Yesterday Keith stopped by the Vansville Bar to visit Jerry and Judy Rota, and the hummingbird feeder was very active.

Just up the road here in Eagle River we have quite a flock of these hummers, too - and a feeder out back just like this one. As Edie and I watched them flit around yesterday, we thought it would be nice to show them on the Pasty Cam, but my hand isn't that steady and Jonathan is on Isle Royale for a few days. Lo and behold I woke up to Keith's excellent photos.

Speaking of Jonathan, it's a flurry of activity around our house these days, preparing for his wedding at the end of next week. Perhaps you recall he proposed to Katriina right here on the Pasty Cam last Fall. Jonathan was the original Pasty-Camist, supply almost all of the daily photos for the first 2 years. Since then, an army of guest photographers have become regular contributors. One of the hardest parts of my job is choosing from among all the wonderful scenes arriving in our photo mailbox each day. Wish we could share them all.

By Candy, CA on Tuesday, August 6, 2002 - 09:38 am:

Great hummer shots! My hand wouldn't have been steady enough, either, Charlie!

And speaking of the impending nuptials, I'm sure I'm speaking for a host of in requesting at least a few wedding shots be posted here so we can enjoy the day with you all. Congratulations again, Jon and Katriina, and our very best wishes for a long and happy life together!

By Larry-IN on Tuesday, August 6, 2002 - 12:12 pm:

AHA!!! Finally I have an advantage vs Pasty Cam
I have 8-10 hummingbirds that visit by Bees Balm
patch outside my home office window....they even ignore me if I am sitting right by the window!!!
Hummingbirds and the best Sweet Corn in the world
is the up side...26 90 degree days (so far) leads the long list of down sides of Indiana vs the beautiful UP.

By Ken, Kalamazoo, MI on Tuesday, August 6, 2002 - 12:39 pm:

I agree with Candy that we will need to see some wedding pictures.

Also, Charlie, I and many others appreciate all the work you put into the Pasty-cam. The troubles at Still Waters will get better with people like you there.

By Lyndelle Chiomenti on Tuesday, August 6, 2002 - 03:46 pm:

One of the first things we do when we arrive at our Keweena camp each summer is to hang the hummingbird feeder. It only takes them a couple of hours to find it. When our friends back home in Maryland ask us what we did on our vacation, one of the things we always mention is, "We watched the hummingbirds!"

By Beverly, Mississippi on Tuesday, August 6, 2002 - 10:22 pm:

I have to add my two cents worth on the hummingbird topic. I really wish I could send the picture I have of my husband with a hummingbird in his hand. I promise I have such a picture. Actually, a hummer had somehow become disoriented on our back porch one evening. Darwin found him and I snapped the pic of our little friend while he was holding it. Then he took it out from under the porch and it soon flew away. I lack the computer skills to transmit that picture. I have a friend in Kentwood, La who says she frequently has dozens of hummers at a time at her feeders.

By Steve,Illinois on Wednesday, August 7, 2002 - 01:39 pm:

Those Are Some Great Photo Shots Of The Hummingbirds.
I've have had them In The Spring,but those darn! Oreo's have chased them away!....

By just kidding on Wednesday, August 7, 2002 - 04:10 pm:

Then quit feeding them Oreo's!

By Martha K., Pinckney, MI on Wednesday, August 7, 2002 - 11:59 pm:

They certainly are extraordinary little creatures. My dad used to claim that if he let the feeder get empty, they would tap on the window by the feeder until he filled it!

By DENISE, WISC on Thursday, August 8, 2002 - 09:07 am:


By Bob, Indiana on Thursday, August 8, 2002 - 09:26 pm:

Ah but Larry you are the blessed one. In another 2 months th U.P. will have 90% of it's leaves on the ground and will be blanked in a constant drizzly mist and freezing nights; while you my friend will be enjoying balmy 70 degree temperatures.

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