May 19-01

Past-E-Mail: Cam Notes - 2001: May: May 19-01
Minor miners at Osceola    ...scroll down to share comments
photo by Daniel I. Jamison, IV

By Dan Jamison on Saturday, May 19, 2001 - 01:04 pm:

Memories of last summer...

Jessica and Daniel Jamison, enroute to visiting their Grandmother Virginia Jamison at Gratiot Lake, take a tour of downtown Osceola!!

Dan Jamison

By Charlie Hopper at Pasty Central U.P. on Saturday, May 19, 2001 - 01:21 pm:

This shot captures the feel of today in the Copper Country: blinding sunshine, pleasant temps, no wind, just a few black flies, history all around us. We often receive requests for the old mining buildings, and I appreciate Dan Jamison sending this one to the Pasty Cam.

Do you have a U.P. picture you would like to share? You are welcome to send it as an email attachement. If you already have U.P. pictures published on the web, simply post a link on any Cam Notes page using this format:

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By the way, one lucky winner in this month's contest will receive a free overnight stay at Laurium Manor Inn. (Now you know how we make those links :o)

By Roger, White Pine on Saturday, May 19, 2001 - 05:52 pm:

Soooooooo.............just how many Friday's are we going to have this week?

By Roger, White Pine on Saturday, May 19, 2001 - 09:21 pm:

No fair Charlie. You changed the date. I kinda liked the idea of two Fridays in a week. Beats two Mondays anytime........

Great pix, great site.

By Charlie H., Eagle River on Saturday, May 19, 2001 - 10:10 pm:

Roger -

Thanks for the report earlier. Back in high school I always did like Friday best. But that was 35 years ago, and the brief appearance of 2 Fridays this week on the Pasty Cam was strictly unintentional.

Perhaps you also noticed... "Thursday" was "Thusday" for a few hours. My only mistakes all year, and both came in the same week ;o{

By Betty - AZ on Sunday, May 20, 2001 - 02:28 am:

We don't care Charlie that you make 'mistakes', even if you only make l a year. We LOVE your
site and pictures and the excitement you add to
our lives. Keep up the good work.

By RJW a native yooper on Sunday, May 20, 2001 - 08:46 am:

Great site. I found someone I know from way back on the pasty cam notes. I worked with her mother way back when. Don't want to give our age away. You never know what you may find or who on the cam. Great Job.!!!!!!RJW

By Judy, MI on Sunday, May 20, 2001 - 10:56 am:

My favorite all time site! Finding an old friend from (dont want to give our age away!) my teen years! What a bonus!

By Sandy, IL on Sunday, May 20, 2001 - 07:19 pm:

Is Dan Jamison, from the Jamison family that used to attend skating school in the summers at MTU? Sandy-Winthrop Harbor IL

By Dan Jamison, PA on Sunday, May 20, 2001 - 08:46 pm:

I did attend the MTU skating school in the summers, and now Jessica does!

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