Mar 15-04

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Photo by Chris Koskineimi

Mary Drew at Pasty Central on Monday, March 15, 2004 - 06:08 am:

Our newest Pasty Gallery contributor, Chris Koskiniemi was out braving the ever changing Copper Country weather to bring us an "almost live" shot of what's been going on. The saying about the weather up north here is, "If you don't like it, wait five minutes, it'll change!" That applies to all four seasons.

This weekend's wintry outburst comes just in time for the Clean Snowmobile Challenge out at Michigan Tech's Keweenaw Research Center. We welcome all the visitors from the Society of Automotive Engineers in town this week for this unique event.

By Larry-IN on Monday, March 15, 2004 - 06:13 am:

Good morning early posters!

About time for the weather to "settle" a bit here in Indiana...still late winter snowmobiling in the beautiful UP!

By darrell oinas, ST. Johns Michigan on Monday, March 15, 2004 - 06:35 am:

I like winter as much as anyone but this has been a long, to long of one. Spring is just around the corner and I for one can't wait untill it gets here. Just hold on and it will be before you know it.

By maijaMI on Monday, March 15, 2004 - 06:57 am:

I woke to look at Taka's site,, and gazed at a lovely, lovely flower there. Then came here and saw that wonderful snow. Down here in S.E. MI, snow like that backs up our huge amount of traffic so it takes hours to get anywhere. Your snow and sparse traffic looks wonderful to me!

By Bruce J. Penn Sanford, FL on Monday, March 15, 2004 - 07:21 am:

80 Today here in Sanford, Florida. The azaleas are through for the year. The yard-man is coming to do the spring cut-back, fertilizer etc. Will go out and run my 7.6 miles this afternoon. Have a great day.

By Toivo from Toivola on Monday, March 15, 2004 - 07:31 am:

Our recent discussion about the Yooper Quarter inspired a committee, headed by Brent Young of New York, to design the REAL UP coin. Plan ahead!...

Two Bits

By Chris, IL on Monday, March 15, 2004 - 08:18 am:

Nice design Toivo!

By rob in dc on Monday, March 15, 2004 - 08:22 am:

Perhaps I came in late, but what is that squiggle west of my birthplace, Ironwood, on the Yooper Quarter? Are we claiming the Wisconsin coast? There seem to be similar squiggles south and east. Yes, the Michigan quarter shows all five Great Lakes -- even Ontario -- in addition to the state. But, for example, the Ohio quarter (It's the only other one in my pocket just now.) shows just the Buckeye State. I say, only depict the UP, and let the ignorant scramble for their atlases.

By Jean, West Texas on Monday, March 15, 2004 - 08:36 am:

Cloudy and 54 here in West Texas. Spent some time in the snows of New Mexico with temps there in the upper 40's to low 50's. We are definitely in the spring of things here with temps predicted to be int he 70's. I miss the U.P. but do not miss having winter hang on till April. How is that guy Pete in WI. enjoying retirement???

By Native Yooper,stuck in Detroit on Monday, March 15, 2004 - 08:37 am:

I assume that the squiggle is simply Isle Royale. Though slightly mis-placed, (actually closer to Canada), it is still a very important part of the UP. It is truely one of the remote national parks with beauty beyond words.

By Toivo from Toivola on Monday, March 15, 2004 - 08:45 am:

The unofficial plan is to claim everthing north of a line from Duluth to Hurley to be included in the U.P. We want the Apostle Islands!!


By db on Monday, March 15, 2004 - 08:48 am:

looks like vertin bldg on 6th st.,north.

By finlander, painesdale on Monday, March 15, 2004 - 08:52 am:

Ahh a late season snow "tuisku" indeed.

By Yoopers Rule! on Monday, March 15, 2004 - 09:02 am:

What a great photo! I was just going to ask if ya'll got much snow, a pic is worth a thousand words! We got rain in Iowa. Don't skiiers say that is a waste of percipitation??
Read in yesterday's newspaper that Yooper-isms and Yooper dialect is becoming extinct! Is that possible?? I say not with my sister and her kids living there! And with Jim in da L.P. he does that dialect proud, eh?
The AP article had a photo of Dan Junttila pointing to a yooper map, he is a teacher at Houghton (so many pronounce that "HOW-ton") Middle School. Am going to stay up and watch the NIMRODS!!
Good day from the American Gothic state!

By Jeff M, FL on Monday, March 15, 2004 - 09:45 am:

I lived at the Air Base in the early '80s. I recall that after my first winter there, we still had about 4 feet of snow piled on my front lawn on May 24th. After my second winter there, I returned from a trip to Washington DC (where it was Spring!) on April 9th, a few hours after the base caught another 9 inches of fresh snow!
It Ain't Over 'til its Over!

By MARK FROM KALEVA AND CALUMET on Monday, March 15, 2004 - 10:03 am:


By UP_gal on Monday, March 15, 2004 - 10:10 am:

Is the large building the KMMC fitness/physical rehab? Hard to see through the snow! LOL

By Ray E. GRMI on Monday, March 15, 2004 - 10:13 am:

HI: In Chris Koskiniemi's album of Keweenaw sightings, does anyone know what church that is in the Swedetown view?

By John Wrycza Naperville, IL on Monday, March 15, 2004 - 10:24 am:

IndianHead Mtn's annual Bikini Contest,
held Saturday 3/13

and thanks to mother nature, nothing indecent,
amazing how snow can work both for & against you
on a ski day?

my 3rd contribution this year -
another fine collection of pictures to 'make your Monday'

pics/slideshow here

MPEG movie here (4.3mb)

movie clip
Sponsored by Hobie Swimwear, the contestants
got to keep the suits after they skied in them!

cold contestant

By Jeff M, FL on Monday, March 15, 2004 - 11:10 am:

Goodness! Those Yooper Gals are TOUGH!

By Larry-IN on Monday, March 15, 2004 - 11:17 am:

My Bad...6 inches of snow in Indiana starting tonight!! Narrow band and temps above freezing during the day but winter "hangs on" through the Ides of March!

By Barbara, FL on Monday, March 15, 2004 - 11:31 am:

What a great pic! My husband and would love to be in the U.P. with all of you right now. The weather here in Florida is up and down. We keep switching between the heat and the air conditioning. Of course, the oak pollen in the air is turning everything including my car a bright yellow and making my eyes water. I long to be looking out of the kitchen window for the scene above with hot pasty in front of me!

Happy snowmobiling for several more weeks!

By Louan-Elk Rapids MI on Monday, March 15, 2004 - 11:52 am:

YOU GO GIRLS! Where are the guys in bikinis? No guts no glory.

By Debi, Laurium on Monday, March 15, 2004 - 02:01 pm:

To Ray GRMI: I believe that is the church on 8th Street. St. Paul's Catholic Church?

By Debi, Laurium on Monday, March 15, 2004 - 02:02 pm:

To UP_gal: Yes that is KMMC Fitness Center.

By Alex Tiensivu on Monday, March 15, 2004 - 02:24 pm:

A free copy of my latest album, to the first person who sends me a box of Copper Country snow!

By dp - Keweenaw on Monday, March 15, 2004 - 03:33 pm:

To Alex:
How would you like that snow, fresh or frozen?

By Jo Ann in Iowa on Monday, March 15, 2004 - 05:00 pm:

After an article in the Washington Post about pasties, today there is a letter to the editor of the travel section about ordering pasties from They also mention Lawry's in Marquette so maybe that will slow the deluge of orders? :-)

By walter p tampa on Monday, March 15, 2004 - 05:04 pm:

nice snow fall raining and 70s tampa

By Paul in Illinois on Monday, March 15, 2004 - 05:45 pm:

Sorry Toivo, downstate Illinois and the South half of Wisconsin nominate Chicago for the 51st state. You folks will either have to move fast or settle for 52nd.
Might as well take the Apostles with you, the whole UP was annexed from Wisconsin territory when Michigan lost the Toledo strip war in congress.

By from the Keweenaw on Monday, March 15, 2004 - 06:14 pm:

The Church in the picture is Chris Koskineimi's church, It is on 8th st. in Calumet. It is the St. Paul the Apostle Catholic Church what a beautiful landmark and Church. Thank you for the nice photo. The inside is something to see.

By pj,mi on Monday, March 15, 2004 - 08:22 pm:

Is that vehicle an EMS one? Are the familiar white ones now orange?

By Just Wondering, VA on Monday, March 15, 2004 - 08:29 pm:

Washington, D.C. wants to become a state also. They presumably would tax the commuters from VA and MD. What would the State of Superior use for a tax base?

This was an issue when we lived in Da UP in the '70s. Never did really hear the answer.

By FORMER YOOPER on Monday, March 15, 2004 - 09:01 pm:


By WALTER P TAMPA on Monday, March 15, 2004 - 09:16 pm:


By WALTER P TAMPA on Monday, March 15, 2004 - 09:22 pm:


By u p power on Monday, March 15, 2004 - 09:39 pm:

The Nimrods are from "the yoop" of course.Ben Affleck is on too ..Will they mention the movie Riendeer Games to him..

By Alex on Monday, March 15, 2004 - 11:29 pm:

Fresh would be awesome! :)

By Beth, Troll-land on Monday, March 15, 2004 - 11:38 pm:

The Mighty Nimrods are on Jay Leno tonight.

By Walter N on Tuesday, March 16, 2004 - 05:34 am:

Walter P,
Would that be a front or a hind quarter?

By dna on Tuesday, March 16, 2004 - 06:30 am:


By Ray E. GRMI on Tuesday, March 16, 2004 - 09:10 am:

Hi again and thanks to Debie in Laurium and "From the Keewenaw" for the answer on the church.

By Paul Roberts, Lake Linden on Tuesday, March 16, 2004 - 09:40 am:

I may be shot for saying this but you gotta love that snow! Yeeha!

By walter p tampa on Tuesday, March 16, 2004 - 06:27 pm:

obverse or reverse

By walter p tampa on Tuesday, March 16, 2004 - 06:29 pm:

actually that whole area was part of the michigan territories

By Rose - Illinois on Tuesday, March 16, 2004 - 08:20 pm:

Hey Toivo from Toivola,
I'll vote for that coin and the 51st state!

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