Jan 24-03

Past-E-Mail: Cam Notes - 2003: January: Jan 24-03
Mid-winter in South Range    ...scroll down to share comments
Photo by Z-man

Charlie on the road in Minn. on Friday, January 24, 2003 - 11:13 pm:

Whew! On the way to Duluth suddenly remembered Friday's Pasty Cam not posted yet. We arrived for a late game with MTU Women's Hockey, and I checked the photo-inbox for today's shot. The Z-man revisits this newer church in South Range, pointing out the rare absence of any overhead phone or power lines.

The last few days have been a shootout between Taka and the Z-Man. Sorry we have been behind in the WOW department. (So much to choose from!) Over this weekend we'll get it all caught up... check back when the new workweek begins Monday.

By Alice A., Alaska on Saturday, January 25, 2003 - 12:35 am:

Good luck to the Husky girls hockey team. And congratulations to the Husky men's team who beat the University of Alaska-Anchorage Seawolves tonight.

By Martha K., Pinckney, MI on Saturday, January 25, 2003 - 12:36 am:

So how are the MTU Women doing this year, Charlie? I recently saw an old "To Tell the Truth" episode from the late 1970s on the Game Show Network and the guest was the first woman power skating coach for an NHL team. Kitty Carlisle asked her if she taught both men and women and there was a moment of sort of stunned silence until Peggy Cass leaned over and told her that women don't play hockey. Then Kitty said, "Well, maybe someday." Glad she didn't have to wait too long and that she's still alive to see it!

By Greta, Ca on Saturday, January 25, 2003 - 01:32 am:

My computer crashed for a couple days, and I missed checking the PastyCam. I just scanned the last few days pictures, and oh my, how beautiful! As I lay in bed this morning, listening to the fog horn down in the harbor, it made me wonder what the weather was like back home. I see it's beatiful, white and still quite cold. Aaaaah!! Even here on the Riviera it's been cool - 50's-60's, just the way I like it. Taka has a knack, doesn't she? Thanks.

By Mary on Saturday, January 25, 2003 - 04:07 pm:

Sure is quiet here today on

By Jean , Devon England on Saturday, January 25, 2003 - 04:55 pm:

I agree with you Mary!!! I think the cold must have finally got to you all and everyone is hibernating!!! What an attractive building and a good photo.

By Sandy MI on Saturday, January 25, 2003 - 07:57 pm:

If everyone were hibernating there would be a lot more comments today. Actually we are all out catching up on outdoor activities today because the sun is shining. It is truly a beautiful day in the Copper Country.

By Alice, Ventura, CA on Saturday, January 25, 2003 - 10:59 pm:

Greta, CA where in CA do you live. There is a Riviera in Santa Barbara where I used to live. Beautious...is that a word?

This is a beautiful little church. Great pictures this week!!

By MMLLMI on Sunday, January 26, 2003 - 03:38 am:

We all got da brainfreeze goin' on up here, eh.

By Greta, Ca on Sunday, January 26, 2003 - 12:10 pm:

Alice, I live in Capistrano Beach, which is just south of Dana Point and Laguna Beach. The area from Newport Coast to San Clemente is coined "the Riviera". Real estate magazines use it to relate the area they're advertising. I know the area around Santa Barbara is also referred to as the Riviera. As much as I miss the UP, I do love living next to the big blue Pacific too. Got the best of both worlds, don't we?

By Greta, Ca on Sunday, January 26, 2003 - 12:28 pm:

P.S. Beautious? Beautimous? Something like that.

By Jody, WA on Sunday, January 26, 2003 - 07:02 pm:

Just wondering which church in South Range that would be - ?

By FC MI on Sunday, January 26, 2003 - 08:10 pm:

I believe that is the Apostolic Lutheran Church.

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