Apr 28-12

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Tree huggers    ...scroll down to share comments
Photos by Mary Schmitt
Water watching    ...scroll down to share comments
Photos by Mary Schmitt
Hungarian Falls    ...scroll down to share comments
Photos by Mary Schmitt
Rushing over    ...scroll down to share comments
Photos by Mary Schmitt
View from the top    ...scroll down to share comments
Photos by Mary Schmitt
Smiling Grandkids    ...scroll down to share comments
Photos by Mary Schmitt

Mary Drew at Pasty Central (Mdrew) on Saturday, April 28, 2012 - 06:56 am:

Mary Schmitt was recently out on an adventure with her Grandkids, to the Hungarian Falls, in the Hubbell/Tamarack City area and if today's photos are any indication, I'd have to say they had a great time. We're very lucky here in the U.P., because we have the outdoors as our playground, with trees to climb, waterfalls to enjoy and views that will take your breath away. Mary's Grandkids don't realize that they were enjoying things like hiking, the sound of the water rushing over the falls and even just getting to wrap their arms around a tree, that city raised kids don't get the chance to do on a daily basis. These three youngsters are lucky indeed, to have adventures such as this in their backyard and to have adults in their lives that will get out there and share the fun with them.

By Thomas Baird (Thomas) on Saturday, April 28, 2012 - 07:06 am:

Beautiful scenic scenes.

By Lisa R. (Sisugirl) on Saturday, April 28, 2012 - 07:32 am:

Beautiful pictures today! Cute kids! Especially love the second one of the little boy looking over the edge with a stick in his hand, almost like a fishing pole. Looks like he's thinking, "maybe there are fish in there..."

I loved visiting Hungarian Falls when I went to Tech a couple of decades ago, but when I've gone up since then, I could never find them again. As I recall, don't you have to park on the side of the road and hike through some woods, and then through someone's field? Or am I thinking of a different falls in the area? (I didn't drive to them; was always a passenger.)

By Cindy, New Baltimore, MI (Cindy) on Saturday, April 28, 2012 - 07:41 am:

What great pictures! I'm sure those kids loved every minute, and Grandma, too. I can't wait until I can take my grandkids to the Keweenaw to show them all of my favorite places someday. I have seven of them (ages 7 and under, with the youngest at 3 months). I think their parents should come, too, or we would have to rent a bus to transport everyone!

By FJL (Langoman) on Saturday, April 28, 2012 - 07:42 am:

'Tree-huggers' at an early age.........:)

By Eddyfitz (Eddyfitz) on Saturday, April 28, 2012 - 08:02 am:

Nice pictures again today of where I spent many hours as a "wee lad" in Hubbell. We would stream fish, catching the speckies by hand as we poked under the rocks and as a creel we used a Bunny Bread bag. On a good day we would start down by M-26 and walk up stream, bypassing the Hungarian Falls, swim in the dam and fish up beyond there where we could walk way up to the "airport road". (I bet the big lunkers still reside in that area)

By Paul H. Meier (Paul) on Saturday, April 28, 2012 - 10:42 am:

Sounds like you visited the Douglas Houghton (modern name) Falls off M-26 between Laurium and Lake Linden. The falls are on private land and are now closed to the public due to obvious liability reasons.

By Cheryl Rozman (Cotton) on Saturday, April 28, 2012 - 11:00 am:

Us kids used to hike up to Hungarian Falls when we were kids.We loved to go there It'was beautiful then & still was the last time I saw it. I havn't been up there to see it about 10 years so I don't know what it looks like to go on the path to see it now. It had been grown in. It's definitely a place to take your kids to see. Mother Nature sure did an awesome job there.

By Deb S. (Usedtobeayooper) on Saturday, April 28, 2012 - 12:00 pm:

Such awesome pictures and what a great time for these little ones. I haven't been there in a few years. Hope to get back one of these years before I'm no longer able to make the trek!! Great pictures! Thanks for sharing!

By Just me (Jaby) on Saturday, April 28, 2012 - 12:27 pm:

Great pics today! I especially love that first one! Gotta love photos of children and nature!

By Shirley Waggoner (Shirlohio) on Saturday, April 28, 2012 - 03:55 pm:

Nice family outing! There's that symbol again....every time I see the 'batman' symbol, I don't see a bat, I see an open mouth with yellow teeth.

By Morning Glory (Lucylu) on Saturday, April 28, 2012 - 07:08 pm:

Beautiful kids! Fresh air, lovely scenery, sunshine and family what more can you ask for.

By Ken ja Mimi from da UP (Kenjamimi) on Saturday, April 28, 2012 - 10:59 pm:

We used to call the third pic down, the "Mama Falls". And used to swim in the pond below. We were walking across those slanted rocks when my friend slipped and fell into the water. Never saw anyone swim so fast! :o) Well, not to be outdone, I also jumped in and swam out. It was early in May and there was still ice around the edges. Yes, it was VERY cold! Wouldn't want to do that again. 'Course we were about 17 or so. Too bad youth is wasted on the young, 'eh?

By Michael Du Long (Mikie) on Sunday, April 29, 2012 - 07:41 am:

Ken, we called the third picture the bluff. And we swam in the buff.

By Lisa R. (Sisugirl) on Sunday, April 29, 2012 - 10:21 am:

Hi Paul. I'm sure you won't see this days later, but yes, you're right, they were between Lake Linden and Laurium. Must have been Douglas Houghton Falls. Very beautiful. I can totally understand the landowners' decision to close them to the public, the way people can get sue-happy these days and insurance companies, in turn, get paranoid about it.

By Deb S. (Usedtobeayooper) on Sunday, April 29, 2012 - 10:54 am:

Yep, Lisa and Paul. Too many Tech students would have accidents on those Falls. We walked up there and picnicked often as kids. We so enjoyed it. Would go down the bottom and look up at the Falls. Those were the days!! It wasn't that long ago that we visited there, so they must not be totally closed off.

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