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Photo by Jonathan Hopper

Toivo from Toivola on Saturday, January 1, 2005 - 09:52 am:

After a pretty late night welcoming in the New Year, my first thought this morning was how much I love a good hot pasty. The warm flaky crust - - the delicious blend of meat and veggies - - rich aroma and flavor so intensely satisfying that I almost swallow my tongue! First time I ever recall wanting a pasty so bad on New Year's morning. So glad I put a couple away in the freezer to enjoy during the Rose Bowl this afternoon.

I hereby move that we declare 2005 the Year of the Pasty. I'm sure thousands of miners over the past couple of centuries would second the motion!
Did you know the Daily Pasty Cam began back in 1998 with a picture of a newborn? It has been suggested that we list new arrivals on the first of each month, similar to our end of month memorial. The only problem with this idea: birth announcements are quite time sensitive - - you want to get the word out as quickly as possible. So here's what we propose: if the stork arrives at your place, share the news right away in a forum called "New Arrivals", listed on the "What'sUP" page. Feel free to upload a picture of the newborn, so you don't have to email it all over creation. Then on the first of the following month, we'll have an honor roll of all the new children, grand-children, nieces, and nephews listed in the previous month.

Have a pasty-riffic 2005!

By Kevin @ CopperRange.org on Saturday, January 1, 2005 - 10:05 am:

Happy New Year everyone

By Steve Racine, Wi. on Saturday, January 1, 2005 - 10:07 am:

Them pasties are lookin mighty tasty

By Donna on Saturday, January 1, 2005 - 10:12 am:

Perfect Toivo! Thanks!

I could go one of dem Pasties right about now...Holy wha man...And I use butter...haha.

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone! Light and Love!

By Pam Traver, Fruitport, MI on Saturday, January 1, 2005 - 10:22 am:

Life without pasties and chocolate wouldn't be worth living! A very Joyous, Happy, Prosperous, Healthy, Magnificent, Holy, Love and Light filled New Year! And May Peace Prevail on Earth!!!!!

By lz, kalamazoo, mi on Saturday, January 1, 2005 - 10:27 am:

Happy New Year All! 2005 Year of the Pasty! And me starting the new year on a diet! :)

By Patt - Mid - Michigan on Saturday, January 1, 2005 - 10:36 am:

Toivo do you realize how many New Year's resolutions you are causing to be broke with the posting of that YUMMY photo? Plenty I am sure (mine included)

Happy New Year one & all!

By ed/mi on Saturday, January 1, 2005 - 10:37 am:

Wishing you all a Happy New Year.

By Judy Chesaning MI on Saturday, January 1, 2005 - 11:08 am:

Happy New Year to everyone! Please pass the pasties!

By Gerry, Mi on Saturday, January 1, 2005 - 11:18 am:

I just figured out the dinner menu today..pasties!
Peace on Earth

By Candy, CA on Saturday, January 1, 2005 - 11:22 am:

Patt, just change your resolution to eat only one pasty per day! Add a little ketchup and a cup of coffee and you have 3 of the 4 major food groups (pasty, coffee, red stuff and chocolate) right there!

Happy New Year to all from the soggy Sacramento area. My resolution for this year is to come back, if even for a few days...

By troll with connections, Mi on Saturday, January 1, 2005 - 11:35 am:

A pasty sounds like a sure cure for a New Year's hangover.

By John from the prairie on Saturday, January 1, 2005 - 11:52 am:

I love pastys. Happy New Year! We need scratch-n-sniff jpegs
for the pastycam.

By Frank P. Ca. on Saturday, January 1, 2005 - 11:57 am:

Candy, What part of Sacramento do you live in? My wife and I presently live in Arbuckle, born and raised in Lake Linden. Give me a jingle some time maybe we can get some of the displaced yoppers together. Frank P.

By Anita from the U.P. on Saturday, January 1, 2005 - 12:03 pm:

Happy New Year to all :) I love the idea of posting the newborns at the beginning of the month and of course, the memorial at the end of the month is always a moving tribute.

By Kathy, NY on Saturday, January 1, 2005 - 12:04 pm:

Those pasties look scrumptious. A few years ago someone wrote in that they had a recipe for low-fat pasty crusts. Help me keep my New Year's resolution to lose weight! Anyone know the recipe?

By anita, lp on Saturday, January 1, 2005 - 12:11 pm:

My mouth is just watering. I want a pasty!! The idea of pasties and watching the Rose Bowl is a great idea. I'll have to wait for next year. I wasn't smart enough to put a couple in the freezer. Have a blessed day

By Greta, Milwaukee on Saturday, January 1, 2005 - 12:12 pm:

I hereby resolve to make more pasties this year...the picture was the kicker. I have many friends that haven't learned the joy of a fresh baked pasty - and if I have to make them in their own kitchens, then I will.

By F-Cubed on Saturday, January 1, 2005 - 12:16 pm:

Onnellinen uusi vuosi

By George Plautz, VA on Saturday, January 1, 2005 - 12:24 pm:

Now you post the photo! This just serves to remind me that I didn't get my order in last month. Looks good. Happy New Year to my cousin Doug Smith, a regular contributor to Pasty Cam!
And to Yooper John, we miss you and all you brought to the UP life.

By Bob Pyykkonen, Spencerport N.Y. on Saturday, January 1, 2005 - 12:27 pm:

Home for me is in Spencerport N.Y., but my heart is in Painesdale and the smell of Mom's fresh pasties!

By Margaret, Amarillo TX on Saturday, January 1, 2005 - 01:12 pm:

Nothin' says lovin' like a pasty from the oven. Happy New Year.

By Jeff portland or on Saturday, January 1, 2005 - 01:22 pm:

Happy New Year from Portland I have never made a pasty before but looking at the picture and knowing how good they taste I think I am off to the store for the ingredients. I"M going to cook my first pasty,for the new year and in my life wish me luck.

By M.B., IL-WI-MI on Saturday, January 1, 2005 - 01:27 pm:

It would be nice if we could get somehow a current picture of that newborn from 1998 and post his/her picture and a brief bio - name, gender, what he/she is up to in kindergarten/first grade, etc. etc. etc. I think it would be a cute idea.

The first thing I thought when I read about the newborn is ...what does he/she look like right now? can he/she use the internet?

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

P.S. - Charlie woke up craving pasties this morning. On the other hand, I woke up craving a couple AlkaSeltzer tablets, salt, and a Diet Pepsi.

By sandstoneprincess on Saturday, January 1, 2005 - 01:36 pm:

Oh my word! Pasties! What a lovely picture. Worth a thousand delicious bites.
I am with Pam and Candy on this one.
Happy New Year to all.

By hungry on Saturday, January 1, 2005 - 02:13 pm:

Help...my fork won't penetrate this computer screen!

By Vicky, Mt. Clemens MI on Saturday, January 1, 2005 - 02:13 pm:

I just received my first-time order of pasties on Thursday and had one a couple hours ago - absolutely delicious! Who knows, I may have to have another one later - I still have 3 in the freezer. Happy and Peaceful New Year to all!

By Lowell Mo on Saturday, January 1, 2005 - 02:25 pm:

"Happy New Year" to all at Pasty.com and to everyone out there whereever you may be.

By Chris from GA on Saturday, January 1, 2005 - 02:30 pm:

Alex, where are you. I miss your messages.

By NKR Mishawaka IN on Saturday, January 1, 2005 - 02:37 pm:

Hello and Happy New Year from Mishawaka IN. I can smell the pasties. I guess I'll have to order some and see what everyones talking about. Have a good day and great new year everyone!

By JOE TAMPA on Saturday, January 1, 2005 - 03:13 pm:

Happy New Years from the Tampa Bay area,the pasties look really good. Will be making some tomorrow and enjoying them with the football games.

By kosk in Toronto on Saturday, January 1, 2005 - 03:26 pm:


I second your motion! 2005--the year of the
Pasty. Thank goodness we have five--one for
each of us-- in the freezer. We won't have
them with the Rose Bowl game--which my
husband and I, as U of M grads, are planning
to watch, because we'll be having our
traditional homemade lasagna instead.
Maybe tomorrow, as we prepare to resume life
in the faster work and school lanes.

Happy New Year to all!

By Trish, WA on Saturday, January 1, 2005 - 03:36 pm:

**Happy New Year to all who visit this site-
to you and yours, I wish the best in 2005**

By Fran,Ga on Saturday, January 1, 2005 - 03:39 pm:

Happy New Year from N.Ga to everyone on Pasty cam. It is warm here(drat) so I had to open the windows.

Chris,Ga Alex is temporarily off line but have talked to him recently. When I hear from them next I will tell him you were asking about him.

By TB, CO on Saturday, January 1, 2005 - 03:44 pm:


As long as you've declared 2005 "The Year of the Pasty" why not make it official and make pasties one of the prizes in the monthly contest....just being helpful....HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!!!

By David S. - CA on Saturday, January 1, 2005 - 03:46 pm:

My oh my, what I would do for one (or more) of those flakey beauties. I know of only one restaurant here in California that has pasties and they might rate a 2 on the 10 scale. However, I'll be in the U.P. in about 3 weeks. You know what's on my list!!!!!

By Renee in AL on Saturday, January 1, 2005 - 03:51 pm:

Happy New Year to all from warm (72F) sunny NE Alabama.
Best wishes,

By Candy and Mike, CA on Saturday, January 1, 2005 - 04:28 pm:

Hi Frank in Arbuckle,

Send me your email and we can get in touch! We're CHS grads ('69 and '71).

By Anita from the U.P. on Saturday, January 1, 2005 - 04:28 pm:

Jeff from Portland Oregon.....please let us know how your pasties turned out. Good luck!!

By Missin the UP from NJ on Saturday, January 1, 2005 - 05:29 pm:

Happy New Year!
Yessss! 2005 THE YEAR OF THE PASTY! If I tell someone...and they tell someone... and so on and so on... we can make it so!
Thanks for this super-fantastic site.
AND that Yummy picture of the pasties.

Oh Yea, I too, want to know how that little one is doing these days.

By DJB-LL on Saturday, January 1, 2005 - 05:37 pm:


By Carol AZ on Saturday, January 1, 2005 - 06:07 pm:

Ummm, those pasties sure do a heart good. Even in the Arizona warmth they are tempting. A big Happy New Year to all....and much health and happiness. Carol, AZ

By walter p tampa on Saturday, January 1, 2005 - 06:24 pm:

trish in wa wa do.

By JARMO jAPEi ITÄNIEMI on Saturday, January 1, 2005 - 06:36 pm:

ONNELLISTA ja TURVALLISTA uutta vuotta 2005 täältä Suomesta tutuille ja tuntemattomille.. .

By keweenaw gal on Saturday, January 1, 2005 - 07:14 pm:

Carol,AZ OF COURSE the warmth tempts pasty appetites.........perfect picnic food
and I CAN SMELL THEM!!! Can't you all? Just go on back and scratch and sniff!!!! (Stillwaters is just up there on the hill here, by the way).

By Phyllis M on Saturday, January 1, 2005 - 07:32 pm:

Not only do the pasties look great - but they are great tasting too! My husband and I won a couple of pasties from George Hite and the official snow contest and hope to win more! Best wishes for the New Year

By Barb Michigan on Saturday, January 1, 2005 - 08:50 pm:

Happy New Year!! My mouth is watering for one of those wonderful pies. It makes me remember my mother's pastys. YUM!! Maybe this is the year that I will try to make some myself.

By Bob G. Houghton Lake, MI on Saturday, January 1, 2005 - 10:56 pm:

regarding today's pic causing breaking of resolutions...anybody swearing off pasties for the new year might as well stop visiting this site!:)I say everyone resolve to eat at least a couple of them this year.;)

Happy new year everyone! Coming to you temporarily from Fairhope AL (right across the bay from Mobile) Here's to a wonderful year for everyone.(raises imaginary toasting glass)

By Tim Kinnunen, Fl on Saturday, January 1, 2005 - 11:31 pm:

First time writing a message on the Pasty Cam! What an honor... And to top it off with a picture of a pasty! It can't get any better than this.

One of my fondest memories of my first pasty is of Mrs Harkonen and Mrs Makie's "pan pasties" from Alston, Michigan grade school. We ate piles of pasties on them old school cafiteria trays.

Ahhh, Those were some good old pasty days. I live in Pensacola, Fl now and I have substituted the pasty with "Hot boiled peanuts". They are also just as addictive as the mighty pasty.

Hope to come to the U.P. this comming summer for Finn Fest and to see family and friends.

By Sue, Texas on Sunday, January 2, 2005 - 12:04 am:

Hi there Tim from Pensacola. I got in touch with my cousin (your dad) through this web site.
I enjoyed many summers in the UP but grew up under the bridge.

I surprised my mom with a shipment of pasties for Christmas. What a hit! We will be making a batch this month in honor of what would have been my dad's 78th birthday. My daughter is going to help for the first time, so we can pass this tradition down.

By Sue, Texas on Sunday, January 2, 2005 - 12:06 am:

By the way, I was rooting for Michigan today!

By CC Yooper on Sunday, January 2, 2005 - 01:11 am:

A very blessed and happy new year to Charlie and all those who work so hard to make this website possible, as well as to all fellow pasty.com folks. Sharing your beautiful photos, memories and comments is truly pleasant and heartwarming. Thanks for helping to keep that connection of home. It is something to look forward to each day. That pasty picture sure is a great way to begin this new year. Yum, there's nothing better than the aroma of pasties baking in the oven! Seems like we always made a whole bunch at one time. I remember my mom sometimes made what we called pie pan pasties. Occasionally I make them that way too.

By sally,arizona on Tuesday, January 4, 2005 - 12:58 pm:

My son Bob,St.Paul,Mn. sends me my "pasty fix" for Christmas every year. Alittle butter & gravy...yum,yum. Having grown up on 'da range' & eating pasties as a youngster, these goodies bring back pleasant memories.

By Mike Vallee, MT on Friday, January 21, 2005 - 04:54 pm:

If your in Butte, MT try Joe's Pasties a little
bit north of I-90 off Harrison exit..
Great friut-forest pie, best pasty in town, great coffee. sexy 18 year old waitress
What more is there????

By Huh? on Friday, January 21, 2005 - 05:23 pm:

"fruit-forest pie"?

By Thomas Baird (Thomas) on Thursday, June 17, 2010 - 09:22 pm:

Here was a New Year's greeting from Elliot Lake in Ontario, Canada:

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