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Steve Haagen (Radsrh) on Monday, November 30, 2009 - 08:00 am:

Good morning
First Post

By Marianne Y (Marianne) on Monday, November 30, 2009 - 08:01 am:

Good Morning, all! After wonderful weather (for November), it looks like normal weather will be settling back in this week, complete with small amounts of snow. We usually get our first big snow in mid-Michigan sometime between December 4 to 8. I wonder if that will be true again this year? Have a good day, everyone!
Close second

By Thomas Baird (Thomas) on Monday, November 30, 2009 - 09:13 am:

Beautiful photos, all of them!

By kay Moore (Mskatie) on Monday, November 30, 2009 - 04:52 pm:

I'm always impressed with the special photos here on pasty. But I do believe this day is the grandest. Thanks to all who took the pics and the pasty crew who brings them to us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By mickill mouse (Ram4) on Tuesday, December 1, 2009 - 07:59 am:

It is around 8 am december 1st. Hi Everybody

By mickill mouse (Ram4) on Tuesday, December 1, 2009 - 08:01 am:

Beautiful day in the neighborhood

By Paul Oesterle (Paulwebbtroll) on Tuesday, December 1, 2009 - 08:15 am:

Good morning all, cataract surgery this afternoon!

By Marianne Y (Marianne) on Tuesday, December 1, 2009 - 08:34 am:

Good luck with your cataract surgery this afternoon, Paulwebbtroll! Are you having one or both eye :-)s done? My husband had his first eye done when he was in his 40's & his second eye when he was in his very early 50's, and he did fine with both eyes.

By Paul Oesterle (Paulwebbtroll) on Tuesday, December 1, 2009 - 08:38 am:

Thank you Marianne. Right eye today, left eye December 15th.

By Erica - Florida Keys (Erica) on Tuesday, December 1, 2009 - 08:46 am:

You will be surprised at the brightness of colors in the world around you. That first cataract removed is an eye pun intended.Good luck,Paul.

By Janie T. (Bobbysgirl) on Tuesday, December 1, 2009 - 08:50 am:

Best of luck to you Paul! Keep us in the know how everything goes!

By Nancy DeGuire (Nancyd) on Tuesday, December 1, 2009 - 08:52 am:

I'm probably too late for an early bird (I live in Colorado) but I'm giving it a shot! Happy December to everyone. It will snow here today, putting everyone in the mood.

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