July 17-09

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Photos by Barb Bouwkamp
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Photos by Barb Bouwkamp

Mary Drew at Pasty Central (Mdrew) on Friday, July 17, 2009 - 06:03 am:

A double guessing game today, one here on the Cam Notes page to accompany the regular challenge over with the What'sUP collage. Maybe YOU can bag two birds in one day!

These two photos are from Barb Bouwkamp and were taken somewhere here in the Keweenaw. (That's all I'm going to say or I might give it away.) The first one to correctly identify what body of water Barb has photographed here today, will earn themselves a BONUS Early Bird award. You know they say that a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush... I wonder then if two on the Pasty Cam might be worth four in the hand? After all, this is the second gull on a rock this week AND you get a chance to be the winner of two bird awards in one day. Such excitement!

By Charlie at Pasty Central (Chopper) on Friday, July 17, 2009 - 06:07 am:

Mary will have to identify the winning guess, because I don't have a clue. I thought it might be Seneca Lake on Cliff Drive, but I've never seen the cabin or trailer that appears in the second photo.

By Paul Oesterle (Paulwebbtroll) on Friday, July 17, 2009 - 06:11 am:

Tilden Mine

By Paul Oesterle (Paulwebbtroll) on Friday, July 17, 2009 - 06:13 am:


By Debi Steinle (Debi) on Friday, July 17, 2009 - 06:13 am:

That would be Rice Lake!!!

First Post

That sure didn't take long. Way to go, Debi! Looks like there's no double bagging of two Early Birds, though. :->

By Donna (Donna) on Friday, July 17, 2009 - 07:48 am:

You bet that is Rice Lake!

By Donna (Donna) on Friday, July 17, 2009 - 07:51 am:

And the rock is called Seagull _ _ _ _ Rock!

By D. Clark (Dcclark) on Friday, July 17, 2009 - 08:22 am:

Rice Lake -- I remember that spot where the road runs RIGHT next to the lake very vividly. My college roommate took me on a high-speed winter drive along that road. I was absolutely convinced that we were going to tumble over right into the lake!

By JimH (Jhattica) on Friday, July 17, 2009 - 08:56 am:

Just had a note from my sister, she said we used
to call the rock Alcatraz. My dad at one time
owned almost all the shore line along the lake on
the road side and we spent a lot of time there as

By Eddyfitz (Eddyfitz) on Friday, July 17, 2009 - 12:01 pm:

My last fishing trip to Rice Lake many, many years ago we rented a row boat at Delfs Landing about 6 a.m. and when I caught my first Pike a few hours later I turned around and both of my sons were sleeping on the bottom of the boat..I tossed the fish back in and to this day they think their "daddy" caught a record breaking fish that he thru back.

By David Hiltunen (Davidcorrytontn) on Friday, July 17, 2009 - 12:06 pm:

I thought it was Rice Lake at first too. My uncle Al loved to fish it and took me along when I was young. However,I spent alot of time at Twin Lakes also. Where ever it is I been there, so my guess is Twin Lakes.

By J T (Jtinchicago) on Friday, July 17, 2009 - 01:53 pm:

My guess is Lac la Belle.


By JimH (Jhattica) on Friday, July 17, 2009 - 02:56 pm:

In my note I didn't name that lake, Rice Lake, on the northwest side (road side) we owned from Delfs to the swamp where the road left the lake front except for the camp at Pine Point. Mr. Hansen had a camp way back up in the woods on that side (up the only road that goes away from the lake there) we spent many hours there as kids and as young people and even now as not-so-young people we still spend some time there every summer.

By Dave Roberts (Shutterbug) on Friday, July 17, 2009 - 03:17 pm:

YUP -- it is Rice Lake for sure and I agree with Donna, the name of the rock is Seagull (excriment) Rock. That is the name as I learned it 40 some years ago. They should rename the lake "Pike Lake" cause there sure are a lot of them in that weed filled lake. Caught a lot of them over the years (and lost a lot of lures). Thanks, Barb, for the pictures and the memories they invoke.

By kay Moore (Mskatie) on Friday, July 17, 2009 - 03:40 pm:

Have absolutly no idea the name of the lake but would suggest Seagull Pooh Lake :>)

By Paul Roberts (Grizzlyadams) on Saturday, July 18, 2009 - 06:46 pm:

I'd know that rock anywhere! I've spent a lot of time on and around
that lake over the last few years! Incidently, some friend of mine
own a camp on Rice Lake. One of the daughters is getting married
today...actually it would be Saturday. I'm a day behind.
Regardless, the fact that the picture of Rice Lake was posted the
day before my friend's wedding is ironic. It brought back some
pretty awesome memories! Thanks Barb!

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