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Charlie at Pasty Central (Chopper) on Sunday, January 4, 2009 - 10:49 am:

It's enough to make one tired just reading about all the accomplishments of Chase Osborn. As you may have heard on Day in History this past week, this former postmaster from Sault Ste. Marie was the only U.P. resident ever to be elected as Governor in Michigan. But the two years he spent in Lansing is only a brief footnote in his illustrious career, which we explore in this week's Pasty Cameo.

We welcome any suggestions for "Day in History" items, or possible future Pasty Cameo topics. There are so many possibilities, with the rich history of the U.P. being our playground.

Have a good week :o)

By Doug Smith (Smitty) on Sunday, January 4, 2009 - 01:32 pm:

Always learn something new when I come to this site and watch the Cameo. Thanks Charlie!

By jbuck (Jbuck) on Sunday, January 4, 2009 - 02:29 pm:

Hi Charlie -
I also enjoy all the information you educate us with in so many forms!

I'd enjoy stories about the various churches in the UP, and the Bible Camps such as Gitchee Gumee.

Another subject could be the POW camps which operated in the UP during WWII. A friend of mine actually served in a camp over by Au Train cutting trees.

Finally one word: lighthouses, lighthouses, lighthouses!

By kosk in Toronto (Koskintoronto) on Sunday, January 4, 2009 - 04:00 pm:

I've been PastyCam-less for the past couple of weeks. Looks like
there's lots of catching up for me to do over the next few days.
Thank you Charlie and Mary!

By Russell E. Emmons (Russemmons) on Monday, January 5, 2009 - 02:25 am:

How about the old CCC camps of the 30s?
The Uranium deposits discovered in the western UP in the 50s?
The work and projects involved with controlling the Lamprey Eels?

By Rowdy (Roudymi) on Monday, January 5, 2009 - 08:58 am:

How about Jacobsville? Waldorf Astoria in NYC was Jacobsville sandstone. Grandma told me some even made it to London, but whatever was built got bombed by the Germans in WWII.

By Laura Cushman (Rosegarden) on Tuesday, January 6, 2009 - 12:29 pm:

I had the honor of meeting Governor Osborn's second wife, Stellanova, while I was working at the Library at Lake Superior State in the 70s. Fascinating woman and such a wonderful keeper of history

By Dennis Mannisto (Denmann) on Monday, January 12, 2009 - 11:59 pm:

The UP not only produced a governor: Ishpeming produced a Nobel prize winner: Glenn T. Seaborg, producer of transuranium elements, head of the old Atomic Energy Commission, and sundry trivial matters like his Nobel winning early work. Not bad, 'ey?

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